Friendship: How You Have Become My Sweet Friend


You Are My Sweet Friend


How Did This Friendship Become So Sweet?
Just the other day, I was bothered about your reluctance.
Today, you yearn for my voice in the morning and would only sleep after hearing my voice.
How did it get this sweet?
Being around you multiplies my peace and hearing your voice increases my joy exponentially.
What can I ever do without thinking of you?
What plans can I change without first considering how it would affect you?
You are my friend and I appreciate you.
You are always there for me and I am so glad that I was patient enough to have lingered around you till neither of us could walk away from each other.
You were only being sincere about your fears, and I was only being myself.
I probably was not as tall as you wanted, neither were you as fair as I wanted, but something about you was irresistible.
You still ask me how I swept you off your feet, but I sincerely can’t remember doing anything spectacular.
I have always known that friendship could be sweet, but how could I ever have known that friendship could be this sweet if I never met you?
I have always been confident that I can make sacrifices for others, but your commitment and dedication to my welfare surprises me.
I had friends before you came my way and may still have more friends as life goes on, but I am sure that you are one friend I will never forget.
Being a friend to you has proven to me that friendship is not about how long we’ve known each other, but about how inseparable we have become.

Friends forever

I know that circumstances may get to change, but memories will linger.
You have a permanent place in my heart, my friend.

Friends are there for each other

Whatever happens, always know that you mean so much to me.
You have been there for me, since we became friends, I will do my best to ensure that whether or not things remain the way they are, my value for you will never diminish.

Though it all began like a joke, we have come to mean so much to each other.
Though it gave you lots of concern at the onset, I have become your confidant.
I have not forgotten your fears, but I have not forgotten a quote that my father loved; “he does not live, who does not dare”.
I will dare to stand by you, because what we mean to each other is more important than what people think of us.
Taking the bull by the horn is what has made our friendship so sweet.
We’ve got to stick to what works for us.
Thanks for being there, my dear.

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Friendship: Opportunities Have Value If Recognised

the meaning of friendship

Value those that have become your friends without your effort.
If you neglect them today, you may spend fortunes trying to have them back tomorrow.
Even tears may not give you back a heart who’s love was neither reciprocated nor appreciated.

You mean so much to me, and that’s the simple reason why I share my time with you.

Sometimes, we abuse opportunities, only to realise their value after we’ve lost them.

I cherish our friendship, don’t take lightly how much you are worth to me.

You may turn your back on me today, but bear in mind that I am stepping up with each new moment, and tomorrow will not meet us at the same level we are today.

Safeguard what you’ve got, because it could be equally useful to someone else.

What kind of fear, ignorance or assumption could make you end a beautiful relationship?

Whoever said that because someone else accompanied me yesterday, you cannot do the accompanying tomorrow?

What makes you so sure that if there were others before you came, then there won’t be enough room for you?

Have you ever considered what plans I have made for you or even believed the words I’ve spoken?

I enjoyed you so much, when we talked and I wish that we keep talking, but if you choose to walk away, always remember that you were cherished.

Nature abhors vacuums.

You may soon realise that your assumptions were wrong.

It may soon dawn on you that your fears were baseless.

You mat know better in a short while…

But who knows whether or not your room would be taken.

It may not be easy for me to say goodbye, but if you are sure that it’s your choice, then so be it.

In only a short while, a substitution reaction can occur.

Be guided!

Nnamonu Tochukwu.
Thinking out loud about friendship.
We often do not consider certain privileges as opportunities that are so rare, because they probably came to us on a platter of gold.
Friendship is an opportunity that can both build and break.
True friendship may be rare, but it really does exist.
Don’t loose what you have, it may be difficult to get it back.
Friendship: Opportunities Have Value If Recognised!

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Image Poem: Time To Change and Make a Difference

Image Poem: Time To Change and Make A Difference.

clock time to change

It’s not about the rhymes,
It’s about the times.
It’s not time to argue.
We now need value.
Either now or never;
No claiming clever.

government and the masses

Government has failed us,
Just like a stray horse.
A policy today,
Just to change by May
Chairs ain’t got no pocket,
Pews have filled wallets.

masses or crowd without direction

See how masses gather!
Oh! Where’s their father?
They’ve got no direction,
Simply election.
One cycle all the time,
Should be a huge crime.

sport breakout and standout

Now it’s time to breakout,
That we can standout.
We can make a difference,
Use the right influence.
Just love one another;
Succeed together.

everybody has a purpose

Everyone’s got purpose
Now we must propose
Take the bull by the horn
And step up from corn.
Differentiate right away,
Lack will get away.

Nnamonu Tochukwu.
Image Poem: It’s Time To Change And Make A Difference!

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Never Give Up give up


Never Give Up!

What do you want?
You can get it.
If it’s worth it;
Never give up.

Things may look bad,
People may quit.
Are you alone?
Never give up.

Just keep moving
If it’s the best.
Others may stop.
Never give up.

Many have turned,
The task is tough,
Quitting ends it.
Never give up.

The price is near,
With just some faith,
Another step
Will get you there.

Never Give Up!

Poem by Nnamonu Tochukwu.
Inspired by a friend on Facebook: Jennifer Ononiwu. Thanks for encouraging me and inspiring me with the very words; Never give up.

Poem: Never Give Up.

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Brazil-Croatia Live: World Cup Kickoff Game Tied 1-1 In Second Half

Good updates on the happenings of the world cup.
I’m following the Brazil – Croatia match here.
I’ll probably do same through out the world cup.
Just catching a different kind of fun this time.

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Beautiful Attitude; Beauty And Admiration.

She Was Beautiful

She probably still is beautiful, but I can’t really tell right now, because I don’t even know where to find her.
She just sat in a corner, oblivious of the fact that she was being admired.
She was beautiful, with her pretty blue fitted skirt, her lovely red lips, her sweet white camisole and a cute black jacket.
She seemed to be lost in thought, but yet looking as innocent as her simple black handbag and her flat black shoes.
Nothing else ran through my mind, other than how a lady could be so effortlessly attractive without even knowing it.
She was sitted on an orange sit in the beautifully set up bus stop, by state school board in Enugu. I was in a moving bus, headed for oldpark. There was nothing I could do other than admire and wonder.
I don’t know her name, I still remember her face, but I will never forget how beautiful she looks.
A song by James Blunt comes to my mind; “you are beautiful”

Well, this brief incident drew my mind to something funny about life; we could struggle all we want for someone’s attention, but they don’t even seem to notice us, but when we go about our businesses, without so much desire or craving for admiration or attraction, we attract the very best for us.
I’m not exactly saying that there is such a law, I have neither carried out an investigation nor a research, but I have often received a call or an invitation to play certain roles at moments when I was busy focusing on other things.
I know of many ladies who desire to attract certain particular men, but their desire seems to elude them.
I also know of a few ladies who have received proposals from awesome personalities, when they least expected them.
The same goes for men.
A couple of times, I have sort for business contracts frantically without securing any, but while in the midst of my routine living, I have encountered and secured such beautiful opportunities that may only seem feasible in dreams.
You never can tell how much you are admired, until you probably begin to appreciate what you have at the moment.
We often repel the wonderful people that come our way, simply because they may not have that “wonderful” tag on them.
Nobody is worthless, and most people are worth much more than their appearance.
It is worth it to treat everyone with regard.
It is also worth it, to face what we value and enjoy, with a grateful and a cheerful heart.
We will both locate and be located by our dreams.
Keep living, your expectations will not remain hopes, they can materialise, and they will, if we maintain the right attitude.
“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”.
Keep yourself beautiful and live your life beautifully.
Don’t force yourself to be loved, or force people to love you.
Appreciate those that care about you, and care enough, not to neglect those that appreciate you.
Things fall in place, with time.
Don’t be desperate.
You will find beauty, and you will even be identified as beauty, once you adopt the most beautiful attitude that is available to you.

Nnamonu Tochukwu.
BeautifuL Attitude; Beauty And Admiration.

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Money: If You Miss The Bus, Don’t Miss The Plane.

You might just be wondering why the title is not the other round.
It’s simple. I was with a very good friend who had to submit some assignments before taking a trip. Submitting the assignment meant that she would be at her school around the regular time that buses take of for the destination of her intended trip and proceed with the trip afterwards.
I stood by her as she went through the rigors of completing the assignment. I also went along with her to the school to make the submission. Upon arrival, we discovered that submission of the same assignment had been postponed by one week. This was interesting, although a little bit annoying.
It was then time for her to pack her bags and head to the park where she would make the trip from. I left her to go home and pick up her bags for the trip, while I went to see to other pressing matters. By the time she called me on the phone to tell me that she had concluded packing, she had so much uncertainty in her voice, as to whether she would still meet a bus headed for her destination. I encouraged her to head to the park where buses load for the trip first. She did, and she called to let me know that all the buses were gone.
As is my usual way of doing things, I asked her to exhaust all the alternatives before giving up and she promised to do so.
Shortly, her call came in. She had found a mini bus that costs a little more than the originally intended bus, and they were waiting for sufficient passengers to fill up the bus. She described the location to me and I decided to locate her. If not for anything, for a parting hug.
I found her, and ofcourse she was so excited about the fact that there was still a bus for her. She was confident that even if she arrives at her destination late in the night, she would be able to comfortably walk to a habitable home around where she would alight from the bus.
In the midst of the excitement, I teased; “If you missed the last bus, I would have put you on the next flight”. She laughed hysterically, and ofcourse I laughed with her.
She then said; “I wouldn’t want to fly alone on my first flight”. Those words touched me. Very many people attach sentiments to flying. Maybe it’s for a certain class and maybe it’s very expensive, but her response showed me that she had an idea or a perspective that her first flight is worth sharing with someone dear.
I’ve been on the plane a couple times and I remember they were both with my mum.
I really might have put her on the plane if she had missed the bus, but my thoughts began new explorations. I asked myself questions like; “why won’t people ordinarily take a plane when they miss the buses? Why is it that some people never get to enter a plane all their lives? Why won’t some class of people make taking a plane to be their first choice?”.
The bulk of the answer to these questions center around money.
The bus fare is cheaper than the plane ticket and that automatically increases it’s demand.
If we thought more about expanding our finances than economising what we have, we would succeed.
Concerning money, people tend to do the bulk of their calculations around conserving it rather than multiplying it.
How often do we think of trying out something new that could generate fresh money?
But I can bet that we often think about how to accomplish tasks with less funds.
It’s not an offence to conserve money, but it is much more satisfying to grow it.
How can one who missed a bus afford a flight ticket?
How often does flying cross your mind?
Are you always bothered about how expensive things are?
Do you think that maintaining the same income will afford you your dreams?
Is the disparity between travelling by bus and travelling by plane so much?
Is money the only fear you have in that regard or is there something else?
Maybe I’m just thinking out loud or spurring you up to think about what you are focusing on.
Are you focusing on creating new opportunities or on maximizing the old opportunities?
In as much as both are important, if you must change your results, it is only logical that your process must change.
If you must afford more expensive items and certain luxuries, then you must increase your financial capacity.
If all your savings are used up on buying new luxury items and paying accumulated bills, how will you grow your finances?
Opportunities lurk around, and some of them can only be grabbed if money is available.
How much money do you have as reserve to seize such opportunities?
Sometimes, emergencies spring up that require money. How often can you handle such without having to borrow?
If really you have a very important trip and you miss all the buses, can you really afford to take the plane?
Money might be as important as you think it is, but it is not really how we get it that determines whether we are rich or poor, but how we spend it.
If we spend it on impressing people all around us, we might just be missing the point, but if we spend it on accumulating assets and setting up systems that will generate more money for us, then we might just be setting up a perpetual loop of wealth.
Do you want to be rich?
Whether you travel by plane or by bus does not determine whether you are rich or poor.
The rich man is not necessarily the man that earns more money, he is just the man that consistently has fewer needs than his income can cover.
Don’t let so many needs drive you, not all of the things we consider important are as important as they appear.
It is more important to think than to act.
It is also more important to respond than to react.
Desperate circumstances may require desperate measures, but the more deliberate and intentional our actions are, the more measurable or examinable our results will be.
Think about the bus and the plane.
Also think about how you spend your money and how you can make it grow.
If I did not make any point, I only hope that atleast, I got you thinking.
Make better decisions, henceforth.
Be wise and be guided.

Nnamonu Tochukwu.
Money: If You Miss The Bus, Don’t Miss The Plane.

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