Money: If You Miss The Bus, Don’t Miss The Plane.

You might just be wondering why the title is not the other round.
It’s simple. I was with a very good friend who had to submit some assignments before taking a trip. Submitting the assignment meant that she would be at her school around the regular time that buses take of for the destination of her intended trip and proceed with the trip afterwards.
I stood by her as she went through the rigors of completing the assignment. I also went along with her to the school to make the submission. Upon arrival, we discovered that submission of the same assignment had been postponed by one week. This was interesting, although a little bit annoying.
It was then time for her to pack her bags and head to the park where she would make the trip from. I left her to go home and pick up her bags for the trip, while I went to see to other pressing matters. By the time she called me on the phone to tell me that she had concluded packing, she had so much uncertainty in her voice, as to whether she would still meet a bus headed for her destination. I encouraged her to head to the park where buses load for the trip first. She did, and she called to let me know that all the buses were gone.
As is my usual way of doing things, I asked her to exhaust all the alternatives before giving up and she promised to do so.
Shortly, her call came in. She had found a mini bus that costs a little more than the originally intended bus, and they were waiting for sufficient passengers to fill up the bus. She described the location to me and I decided to locate her. If not for anything, for a parting hug.
I found her, and ofcourse she was so excited about the fact that there was still a bus for her. She was confident that even if she arrives at her destination late in the night, she would be able to comfortably walk to a habitable home around where she would alight from the bus.
In the midst of the excitement, I teased; “If you missed the last bus, I would have put you on the next flight”. She laughed hysterically, and ofcourse I laughed with her.
She then said; “I wouldn’t want to fly alone on my first flight”. Those words touched me. Very many people attach sentiments to flying. Maybe it’s for a certain class and maybe it’s very expensive, but her response showed me that she had an idea or a perspective that her first flight is worth sharing with someone dear.
I’ve been on the plane a couple times and I remember they were both with my mum.
I really might have put her on the plane if she had missed the bus, but my thoughts began new explorations. I asked myself questions like; “why won’t people ordinarily take a plane when they miss the buses? Why is it that some people never get to enter a plane all their lives? Why won’t some class of people make taking a plane to be their first choice?”.
The bulk of the answer to these questions center around money.
The bus fare is cheaper than the plane ticket and that automatically increases it’s demand.
If we thought more about expanding our finances than economising what we have, we would succeed.
Concerning money, people tend to do the bulk of their calculations around conserving it rather than multiplying it.
How often do we think of trying out something new that could generate fresh money?
But I can bet that we often think about how to accomplish tasks with less funds.
It’s not an offence to conserve money, but it is much more satisfying to grow it.
How can one who missed a bus afford a flight ticket?
How often does flying cross your mind?
Are you always bothered about how expensive things are?
Do you think that maintaining the same income will afford you your dreams?
Is the disparity between travelling by bus and travelling by plane so much?
Is money the only fear you have in that regard or is there something else?
Maybe I’m just thinking out loud or spurring you up to think about what you are focusing on.
Are you focusing on creating new opportunities or on maximizing the old opportunities?
In as much as both are important, if you must change your results, it is only logical that your process must change.
If you must afford more expensive items and certain luxuries, then you must increase your financial capacity.
If all your savings are used up on buying new luxury items and paying accumulated bills, how will you grow your finances?
Opportunities lurk around, and some of them can only be grabbed if money is available.
How much money do you have as reserve to seize such opportunities?
Sometimes, emergencies spring up that require money. How often can you handle such without having to borrow?
If really you have a very important trip and you miss all the buses, can you really afford to take the plane?
Money might be as important as you think it is, but it is not really how we get it that determines whether we are rich or poor, but how we spend it.
If we spend it on impressing people all around us, we might just be missing the point, but if we spend it on accumulating assets and setting up systems that will generate more money for us, then we might just be setting up a perpetual loop of wealth.
Do you want to be rich?
Whether you travel by plane or by bus does not determine whether you are rich or poor.
The rich man is not necessarily the man that earns more money, he is just the man that consistently has fewer needs than his income can cover.
Don’t let so many needs drive you, not all of the things we consider important are as important as they appear.
It is more important to think than to act.
It is also more important to respond than to react.
Desperate circumstances may require desperate measures, but the more deliberate and intentional our actions are, the more measurable or examinable our results will be.
Think about the bus and the plane.
Also think about how you spend your money and how you can make it grow.
If I did not make any point, I only hope that atleast, I got you thinking.
Make better decisions, henceforth.
Be wise and be guided.

Nnamonu Tochukwu.
Money: If You Miss The Bus, Don’t Miss The Plane.

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Life Sms: Sweet Text Messages To My Love

Life Sms: Sweet Text Messages To My Love

I have sent numerous text messages to the lady I admire so much.
Ofcourse, it’s my desire that she accepts to be the love of my life.
Well, while wishing and hoping, I’ve got to be working.
When I say working, I mean making moves towards actualising my dreams and making my wishes come true.
It takes sincerity to be consistent and it takes creativity to be effective.

I call my prospective lover as often as I can,
I send text messages as often as I can,
and I seize every opportunity that crosses my path to spend time together with her.
Sometimes, I run out of words or ideas.
At such times, I don’t just give up.
I try sharing my experience, and sometimes, it turns out beautiful.
Take a look at this text message:


Words to describe a friend like you, may have been exhausted.
Time to appreciate a personality like you, may be insufficient.
Yet I’ll say; you mean much!

Simple and sweet, in my opinion.
I sent this sms on one of such occasions and atleast, I felt fulfilled that I had done my thing.

On another occasion, I called her and she shared how tired she was. She really had a busy day.
Well, what else could I have done, than compose a text message and send by sms?
This is what I came up with:


Some days could be tiring & some tasks could be cumbersome.
The mere fact that there is hope, faith & love, keeps us motivated.
You are loved dearly.

I think it is popular opinion that re-assuring words and expression of love is capable of building or improving self esteem and productivity.
I hope that the sms achieved such a purpose.
(being hopeful and smiling too).

Another typical example of a moment when I had exhausted my thoughts on similar previous text messages and had to resort to creativity:


When I cannot think of what to say, but have the strong urge to let you know that I care; I shun the fear of what people’ll share & dare to say; “I care”.

Some lovely rhymes I guess.
Well, I felt good after sending. That’s what counts.
I also hope she felt good after reading.
(wishing and hoping; with smiles).

I probably have sent numerous text messages at night to say good night.
I would not just relent or conclude that I have exhausted my creativity at saying goodnight. Hence, this lovely goodnight sms came about:


Another night has come, and like always, one must always rest.
Your labour today shall be fruitful & your experiences shall be beautiful lessons.

A very simple way to say goodnight. Isn’t it?

I just placed a call, and afterwards, I really had a comforting feeling. Sharing with a friend is really conforting and refreshing.
I thought it worth the while to express my experience via sms, and this is how this text message came about:


Sincerely, it’s refreshing hearing a voice that exudes confidence & comfort.
Speaking with you re-assures me; a good companion makes life beautiful & sweet!

Life Sms: Sweet Text Messages To My Love

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Think Repentance, Think Forgiveness!

Repentance And Forgiveness

Have you ever been faced with a situation that either warranted your repentance or your forgiveness for another?

There suddenly became a concept called clearing.
It involved kicking someone behind the feet is such a way as to make the person loose balance and fall.
It is normally a single and swift kick, which often takes the victim by surprise.
Well, you may be wondering why I’m describing this clearing in detail.
I got cleared.
It was not an attempt.
It was a classical clearing.
I fell to the ground, landing on my back.
I didn’t see it coming, and it was in front of the class.
I was in Junior Secondary 1. That’s the equivalent of first year in High school.
I was just begining to get familiar with my new school, new class and new classmates.
I was also begining to feel that I was making an impression or attracting some admiration from many who were equally aclimatizing to the new school and class.
But here I was, on the ground.
I had just been cleared.
The term; “clear” here, is a slang.
To have fallen as a result of the swift kick, is to have been cleared.
Stephen had just cleared me, and there was no reason for that.
We were not yet very familiar with each other.
I wouldn’t say we had become friends.
I still wonder why I was the one he chose to humilate.
What did we have in common to have been confident that his act of clearing will go down well with me?
How could he have been so calous and insensitive?
What led to such animosity?
Well, as all of these thundered through my mind, I could feel deep down how much I wanted to deal with Stephen.
I was furious, yet I was naive.
I felt humiliated, but I felt that any immediate reaction would worsen matters.
I wondered how I so easily got to the ground.
I thought that a repetition would attract the worst of embarrasments to me.
Ofcourse I got up from the ground and beat off the dust, but it really hurt to know that I was cleared.
I never had a previous issue with Stephen, yet he chose to do this to me.
It hurt!
But I had to let go.
The hurt might have lingered.
To still remember this incident vividly after seventeen years shows that it made quite an impact.
But I let go all the same.
I forgave Stephen and I will always forgive anyone who hurts me.
Ofcourse, every action has consequences, and I may not be too lenient, but I won’t accomodate hurt in my heart.
Letting go and forgiving is one good way to forge ahead.
Some people say; “the evil that men do, live after them”. So why revenge or act out of annoyance.
Why repay evil for evil?
Why retaliate?
Forgive, rather.
Let the past go with the past, while the present becomes an investment for a more beautiful future.
Enjoy every moment, as if it were your only, but make provision to have more of what pleases you, ahead of you.
A bed at hand may be worth more than a thousand elsewhere, yet, the seeds that we sow today becomes the fruit that we see tomorrow.
If every deed of kindness happens to be a seed, what manner of harvest are you expecting to have?
The first secret to progress is the ability to move ahead.
Take off whatever entangles you and keep moving ahead.
Forgive all those that have left you hurting and step into a wealth of fulfilment.
To advance, you must let go of your former position.
To progress, you must forgive.
You may get hurt, and you may have thought of some hurt with which to retaliate, but there’s no point.
Repent from such intensions.
Whenever you realise that you are on the wrong track, turn around, or you will never reach your desired destination.
That’s precisely what repentance does.
It gets you back to the right track.

I’ve been inspired by: Daily Prompt: Forgive and Forget? which says:

“Share a story where it was very difficult for you to forgive the perpetrator for wronging you, but you did it — you forgave them.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us REPENTENCE.”

Think Repentance, Think Forgiveness!

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Life Message: Pollution, Corruption, Antidote And Love.

Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention

Imagine, in great detail, an invention that could help reverse pollution — describe for us how your invention works and how it will help save the planet.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us INVENTIVE.

As suggested by wordpress’ Daily Prompt.

So, what invention could help prevent pollution?
You must be aware that pollution has a wide coverage, ranging from physical through emotional to moral and almost a limitless variety of fields.
To pollute means; to make dirty.
This could also mean; to add impurities or an impurity.
Certain forms of pollution would affect comfort, health, aesthetics, functionality, etc. Depending on what the case is.
When a mind is polluted, misconduct becomes evident.
When a meal is polluted, it becomes potentially harmful to the body.
When a system is polluted, it stands the chance of a mal-function.
What invention can take care of pollution?
There is probably an existing technique of tackling oil spillage and the likes.
There are also ways of preserving foods, drinks, drugs, supplements, fish and meat.
The essence of preservation is the avoidance of contamination and the restriction of pollution.
Most physical aspects that I can think of already have an existing approach to handle or tackle pollution.
Corruption is one pollutant that has defied systems, or should I say; to which I still have not seen the application of a viable remedy.
Corruption now seems to run in the veins of people all around.
In my opinion, corruption is one sort of pollution that requires attention.
An invention that will stop the spread of corruption and eliminate the existing corruption in our system, would just be amazing.
A corruption detector, corruption analyser and corruption extinguisher would all be part of the invention. A vault in which every form of corruption can be quarantined will just be ideal.
Well, never mind all of this jargon.
Corruption needs an antidote and that antidote is love.
Whoever loves his or her neighbour will not do anything to hurt him or her.
Our minds have been polluted with greed, doubt, fear, envy, revenge and all sorts of ills. As a result, we look for how to deprive others of their rights or how to outsmart the system to get what we want.
Love is the medicine that heals every wound and forgives every wrong.
Love is the mechanism that propels generousity and sustains charity.
Love may not be an invention, but it is a solution.
No degree of pollution can infiltrate love.
No corruption can give love a bribe.
Love never seizes to offer the best.
Love never gives up on bringing rest.
Whenever there is a better way, love sees it.
Whatever it takes to bring improvement, love does it.
A world of love can neither lack peace nor unity.
Love is what we need to get to where we are going.
All that we need to do, to prevent pollution is to love.
We have all that it takes to solve our problems, but we lack the love to do what it takes.
If we love our country, our friends or our families, is there anything good we will keep back from them?
Patriotism is a result of love and so is sacrifice.
Let’s love; that’s the antidote to corruption.
Let’s love; that’s what prevents pollution.

Nnamonu Tochukwu.
Life Message: Pollution, Corruption, Antidote And Love.

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Live Address: The True Big Moment

Check this out; Daily Prompt: Fifteen Minutes

You have 15 minutes to address the whole world live (on television or radio – choose your format). What would you say?
photographers, artists, poets: show us THE BIG MOMENT.

I probably would draw my motivation from the words of a prayer attributed to St. Francis and said to be made daily by Mother Teresa.


Lord, make me a channel of your peace,

that where there is hatred, I may bring love;
where there is wrong, I may bring the spirit of forgiveness;
where there is discord, I may bring harmony;
where there is error, I may bring truth;
where there is doubt, I may bring faith;
where there is despair, I may bring hope;
where there are shadows I may bring light;
where there is sadness, I may bring joy;
Lord, grant that I may seek rather
to comfort than to be comforted;
to understand than to be understood;
to love than to be loved;
for it is by forgetting self that one finds,
it is by forgiving that one is forgiven,

it is by dying that one awakens to eternal life. Amen.


The big moment is not necessarily the moment we stand before the crowd.
The big moment is neither the moment we have the opportunity to make a speech to the world.
The true big moment is a cummulative of the moments where we had no eyes watching, when we had the option to take decisions that nobody else will know about and when we were faced with pressure that challenged our deep beliefs.
Anybody can cook up any story or put up any act in the face of a crowd and in front of a camera, but do we really practice what we preach?
Our big moments start from our consciousness, our thoughts, our feelings, our physiological expressions, our words and our actions, whether in the most lonely of moments, in the presence of only a negligible few or in front of an entire crowd.
Meanwhile, I will not forget to articulate what thougths I might share if I have the chance to address the world.
I will ask questions like:
What is the essence of life?
What is the point behind life’s activities?
Why do we make every effort to preserve our lives?
Why do circumstances affect our emotions?
If nobody else is happy that you lived, what difference did your life make?
What is the gain, if all your successes were only to your benefit and to the detriment of others?
In my opinion, our bodies are vessels through which we express who we are and what we stand for.
As time keeps ticking, it is up to us to determine what stories will be told about us or what we will be remembered for when we are gone.
Every opportunity that comes our way should be to make someone else or as many people as possible happier.
What’s the point of this struggle and strife that has flooded the world due to differences?
What makes it compulsory that everybody must have the same preferences?
Why would certain people thrive by bringing others down?
Why would people be so selfish; desiring every praise and success to be attributed to them alone?
We must not live for ourselves alone, but must make every effort to make the world a better place, both for ourselves and for others.
Whether we dance, sing, talk or act before the crowd, we must have the interest of others at heart.
That’s precisely what makes a moment big.
Every moment is a big moment, if we seize it’s opportunity to increase hope, joy and love.
That also is precisely what I would do with the Fifteen minutes opportunity to address the whole world live.

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Beautiful Sms For A Beauty

Beautiful Day Sms For A Beauty

I came across a beautiful lady recently. Nancy is her name.
Though I have not spent a lot of time with her, I can tell from the few conversations we have had, that she has a beautiful heart.
I don’t like to be a pest, by either calling or visiting too frequently, so I occasionally send text messages.
On one occasion, I could not send an early morning message to say “have a beautiful day”, so I found a way to say; “I trust that your day has been beautiful.
I love beautiful words, so I chose to make “beautiful” the most prominent word in my sms.
Here is the sms I came up with:

“Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.
It takes a beautiful heart to activate the eyes that see the beauty of life.
I trust that your day has been beautiful.

Ofcourse, her response was swift and brief. It read; “Yea. Thanks a lot”.
I was excited that she appreciated my sms, so I felt comfortable to call later in the day.

But guess what?
On another morning, I had to come up with another beautiful sms.
Just like the previous one, I wanted it to be flooded with the words; “beauty” and “beautiful”.
This is what I came up with:

“It’s another beautiful day with numerous beautiful opportunities for beautiful moments.
A beauty of your calibre deserves the most beautiful moments.

I am still expecting a response, but whether or not I receive a beautiful response, I will not mind placing another call by the end of the day, to ascertain how she fared with the day.

Hope you had a beautiful time reading through this piece?
I also hope that you enjoyed the text messages.

Nnamonu Tochukwu.
Beautiful Sms

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Rest In Peace, Daddy

It has pleased the Lord to call my dad home.

I miss you; Late Barr. James C. Nnamonu.
(The Daddy!)

You were one in a million.

There cannot be a replacement for you, daddy.

I believe you have gone to a better place and I trust God to have better plans for us.

You did the best you could, while you dwelt among
men, we know that you will do even better, now that
your abode is with the most high.

See you, when we shall meet to part no more.

Rest In Peace, daddy!

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