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Life Sms: Exercise Developes Capacity

Life Sms Exercise Developes Capacity Don’t relent with exercising both your body and your mind. Rest has it’s place in building, yet exercise is the chief developer of stamina and capacity. Yes, exercise developes capacity! How well have you exercised … Continue reading

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Innovative Technological Piece Of Cloth

Daily Prompt: The Next Big Thing, has inspired a new post. The prompt says; “What will the next must-have technological innovation be? Jetpacks? Hoverboards? Wind-powered calculators? Photographers, show us INNOVATIVE.” I have wished so much for a dress or an … Continue reading

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Quote: Panic, Situation, Smile and Expectation

Quote Panic, Situation, Smile and Expectation “If panic cannot change your situation, why not wear a confident smile and change your expectation? Nnamonu Tochukwu. Teecee. Quote: Panic, Situation, Smile and Expectation

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Advice: Avoid Deception, Adopt Optimization

Advice Avoid Deception, Adopt Optimization The man who builds a life on deception is simply setting out a plan for destruction. To avoid activating ‘self-destruct’, simply be true to yourself. Structures built on unstable foundations are simply waiting for a … Continue reading

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THINK…when everyone’s a super…

Originally posted on ACT. REACT. or just THINK about it!:
…no one is! Remember that line from THE INCREDIBLES when ┬áSyndrome discovers that Mr. Incredible, a.k.a. Bob, and Elastigirl, a.k.a. Helen hooked up and got busy… It came to mind…

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Sms Quote: Believe What You Say

Sms Quote Believe What You Say What you say counts much less than what you believe. What you believe actually determines how you accomplish what you say. Believe what you say or rather say what you believe. Faith determines outcomes. … Continue reading

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I See You, See Me, See You

What do you think that people are thinking of you? Does it really matter? The world needs people that will standout and make a difference that really counts. Love more than anybody ordinarily would. Be cheerful and kind, irrespective of … Continue reading

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