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Results Come From Doing What You Know

How often have you come across some insight, tip or nugget and said; I knew that before or I have heard that before? Remember, every body desired the first position in class, back in the days but only the most … Continue reading

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Poetry: Procrastination Broken Poem

POEM Procrastination Broken I can do more; I tell myself, yet I just do nothing. There’s a better way to fix this, but I’m so used to this. My wish, deep down, is to change things, why am I stuck … Continue reading

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Quote: Implementing Your Intentions

Quote “Get started in the morning! Don’t be stuck in intentions, get beyond! You can also deal with it“. Nnamonu Tochukwu. Teecee. Quote: Implementing Your Intentions

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Get Started

What are you waiting for? Get started! Why leave for tomorrow that which you can do today? Has it ever occured to you that experience comes from practice? Starting immediately enables you to start building your experience faster. Are you … Continue reading

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In The Morning

In the morning; the body is refreshed. After resting; the mind is impressed Many would love to linger; enjoying the bed. though few wake and work harder, some sleep more instead. Rest enables you get refreshed; do more of it. … Continue reading

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Don’t be stuck in intentions, get beyond!

I often wonder why our intentions are not proportional to our implementations! A good number of times we come in contact with certain opportunities and we quickly imagine beautiful things that we would do to harness them. We generate mind-blowing … Continue reading

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