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Hold Up

Do you get caught up in a hold up from time to time? Why run ahead of others only to get into a jam and be eventually overtaken? Life is full of routes and destinations, you’ve got to be exceptional … Continue reading

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Quote On Communicating A Plan

QUOTE “You may have a good plan, but as long as you are unable to communicate the plan properly for execution, it remains the same as a bad plan. If you spend quality time in generating an excellent plan, don’t … Continue reading

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A Smiling Tomato

Keep it simple, keep it sweet! These are little tips From a smiling tomato. “Hi” may be brief but it sure does much. A heart may be stiff yet “hi” unlocks a crush. Can a tomato smile? Oh, you’ve not … Continue reading

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The Convoy!

It’s a beautiful sight whenever a convoy passes by. Have you ever been part of one? Two things happen when you are in a convoy: -Nothing intimidates you along the way; neither distance nor uncertainties, because the surrounding prescence gives … Continue reading

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It’s a Two-Way Thing

Be considetate both to yourself and to others. Deal fairly with those you have dealings with. It takes wisdom to understand that others are neither as tough nor as thorough as you. You reached your current position through a process. … Continue reading

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Just Talking? Start Succeeding!

Stop Arguing; Succeed! What contribution has winning or loosing an argument made towards your personal success? People are willing to learn only when they see reason to believe that you’ve got something different. Yes, something that works. Almost anybody can … Continue reading

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Be Strategic

It is easier to get better at things that you are good at than to get good at things that you are bad at. In mathematics, the higher the probability of a thing, the more likely it’s chances of occurance. … Continue reading

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