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Familiarization Cures The Fear of Change

Are you among those that lose their cool when new things emerge or when there’s a change? It’s only natural to feel uneasy with unfamiliar things but you can’t just be intimidated by them. The same excitement and inquisitiveness that … Continue reading

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Life Sms: Silence, Distance and Confidence

Life Sms Sometimes, silence is crippling. Yes, silence can really be disarming! Silence arouses curiosity & creates a feeling of uncertainty. Despite the prolonged silence and the separating distance, I am confident that you are fine, because I know the … Continue reading

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You Are Unique: Become The Best Of Yourself

You are unique; shine your light with confidence. You have no appologies for being who you where created to be and where you find yourself! Simply make the best out of it by becoming the best of yourself. Don’t loose … Continue reading

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Stand For What You Believe

Stand for what you believe; that’s the way to be free. Verify your beliefs; that’s the way to build confidence. If you’ll hurt someone else or violate someone’s right, then it’s not right. Knowlege shows you what to do and … Continue reading

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You Are Unique!

You’ve got your own special set of teeth. It sure affects the way you greet. You’ve got your own style of smile. That’s why we recognize you from a mile. The steps you take, the dress you make, the way … Continue reading

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