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Results Come From Doing What You Know

How often have you come across some insight, tip or nugget and said; I knew that before or I have heard that before? Remember, every body desired the first position in class, back in the days but only the most … Continue reading

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Who, in right senses, will ever dive headlong into unknown waters without considering the possibility of a rock or shallow spot at the landing point?Is it not right to watch the current and find clues as to where to aim … Continue reading

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Everybody Wants To Be Heard; Nobody Seems To Be Listening

Am I alone in this? Everybody wants to be heard; Nobody seems to be Listening! Have you ever felt like you were not given a chance to speak? How often have you tried to raise your voice to get a … Continue reading

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Action Links

Check These Out! All Things Are Possible. Face it with what it takes!. There Can’t Be Progress Without Direction. Take Action!. Stop Worrying; Start Figuring and Continue Working!. Without self discipline, implementing the bulk of these would only be a … Continue reading


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Take Action!

Many of us know exactly what to do to succeed; we just don’t do it. There is always an excuse for not doing the things that we should do. Shun excuses if your goals are worth it. You may know … Continue reading

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Just Talking? Start Succeeding!

Stop Arguing; Succeed! What contribution has winning or loosing an argument made towards your personal success? People are willing to learn only when they see reason to believe that you’ve got something different. Yes, something that works. Almost anybody can … Continue reading

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Awesome Sayings

I came across these awesome sayings on mysterycoach’s blog and I fell in love with them! Life offers us a lot of stuffs. Some are rocks and some are soft. We must not turn to rocks ourselves to survive because … Continue reading

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