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5 Shocking Reasons Why Constantly Changing Your Plans Don’t Benefit You.

I can bet that you are an advocate of flexibility, especially as regards making adjustments when plans don’t seem to be generating the desired results. There is really nothing wrong with that, as long as you have given sufficient time … Continue reading

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Keep Trying Despite Being Initially Overwhelmed

Have you been intimidated into believing that you are unable to cope with certain things in a field that is new to you? It is only that way because you are probably trying it for the first time or at … Continue reading

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The Philosophy Of Nothing: Nothing Matters

Nothing Matters Just ponder. This is neither theory no law; it is just philosophy! You could consider it as hypothesis for verification. Important things are forgotten, valuable things are lost, precious things fade away, yet, life goes on. Life began … Continue reading


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[THE LIFE OF YOUR DREAMS IS TRUELY JUST A FEELING AWAY] Your words are deeper and more powerful than your actions. Your thoughts are deeper and more powerful than your words. Your feelings are deeper and more powerful than your … Continue reading

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