Who, in right senses, will ever dive headlong into unknown waters without considering the possibility of a rock or shallow spot at the landing point?
Is it not right to watch the current and find clues as to where to aim and where to avoid?
My design lecturer during my undergraduate days would always say that it is better to err on the side of safety.
Rather than use material whose strength may fail under possible loading of structure, we should use material whose strength will withstand more than the maximum load that a structure can be subjected to.
How often do we subscribe to offers fatter than our earnings?
Why do we spread ourselves so thin that breaking becomes inevitable?
Equilibrium is critical for stability else, there’ll be toppling.
A man that burdens himself with load meant to be carried by Three men exposes himself to undue risk.
Every individual is uniquely endowed and that is why we must learn to involve others who will complement us.
We must not be spontaneous in delving into activities because they excite us.
We must consider the amount of tasks we have at hand before we run after new ones to avoid over promising and under-delivering.
It is true that risks cannot be completely eliminated because they are a critical part of our daily living but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t be prepared for them.
I don’t advocate that you hide in your shell but as you take the bull by the horn, avoid getting rammed.
Be strategic about your decisions and learn to take calculated risks.

Calculated risks
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Avoidable Misunderstanding

Are you angry at someone that you love or wondering why someone that you love is angry at you?
Are you experiencing some form of conflict?
Do you feel like you are not getting the attention that you deserve?
Are you curious about how your misunderstandings can be resolved?
Are you wondering what to do to make your relationships work?
Do you feel that there is something you are not getting right?
Are you concerned that your efforts are not being appreciated?
Do you feel that something is wrong?
Don’t loose hope.
Things may not really be as bad as they seem to be.
Has it ever occurred to you that everyone is created unique?
Have you realized that your preferences can differ from those of your loved ones.
Can’t you see that it’s okay to have different approaches to things?
Yes. We all have different styles.
Having different opinions doesn’t necessarily mean that things are so bad.
Not having things go exactly as you like them doesn’t mean that they have gone wrong.
Things can start getting better when we begin to accept our differences as uniqueness.
Our expression of love may differ and that is why we must appreciate the ones we love rather than judge them.
We can agree to the styles of our loved ones and we can give them room to see our perspectives without picking up a fight.
When we realize how this works, we can both understand and communicate better.
Don’t ever think that your opinion is considered trash because your loved one has another opinion.
You are worth so much.
Let you understanding always be that it can only get better.
Misunderstanding can be avoidable.
Avoidable misunderstanding
Tochukwu Nnamonu
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Everybody Wants To Be Heard; Nobody Seems To Be Listening

Am I alone in this?
Everybody wants to be heard; Nobody seems to be Listening!
Have you ever felt like you were not given a chance to speak?
How often have you tried to raise your voice to get a chance to be heard?
Have you participated in an argument where you had so much to say but every other person was talking?
Have you ever felt like your time is being wasted when someone is talking to you, especially because you should be the one talking?
Have there been times when everybody is talking and it seems that nobody is listening to you?
I may not be sure of what your experience has been but I have often wondered why people rarely listen.
I have seen heated arguments where nobody seems to be listening to the other(s).
Could that be the simple reason for chaos?
Is that why it is difficult to arrive at decisions while working with people?
Shouldn’t we make deliberate effort to listen?
Wouldn’t it be right to stop blaming others and to start listening?
I have identified faults in cars simply by listening.
I have understood the reason for some differences simply by listening.
While growing, it was common to hear people say; “when everybody is talking; nobody is talking”.
How else can we identify our problems if we don’t listen to each other.
From where else can we get solutions if we keep screaming out our lungs at people who are screaming too?
Maybe we should we should only talk when it’s important so that we can listen more.
Maybe by listening we’ll discover that action speaks louder than voice.
Maybe our discovery will motivate us to take action.
Won’t more action in the right direction be the true solution?
Just thinking out loud.
Nnamonu Tochukwu.
Everybody wants to be heard; Nobody seems to be listening.
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We Can’t Give Up Now!

We Can’t Give Up Now!
Are you right at the point where it seems that you cannot continue?

Are you considering giving up the struggle?

Do you think that your input is not making much impact?

Are you really thinking that it’s time to take off the life support?

I really want you to realize that your effort counts.

Every step along the way contributed to bringing you here.

You may not be where you want to be yet but quitting will not get you there.

As long as you have not lost hope, you will find strength to finish.

If you feel that you need a hand then you sure have a hand to offer.

Because you still have some breath in you, you can still help someone breathe better.

The life you have is to make life better for another.

Things may have gone so bad but it’s not over yet.

If we could come this far then we won’t just stop now.

We will be strong for those who are not and ensure we play the best part.

If the tables turn or we wear the shoes of others let us have some hope because someone will stand up for us as we stood for others.

It may be natural to be scared but don’t let fear hinder you from doing the right thing.

Once there is a will; there is a way.

We will not just keep hope alive but we’ll make the move that will turn things around.

We can’t give up now because we must celebrate soon.

Our joy should not just be that we made it but that we helped others make it too.

Did you ever think I had given up?

No! I am still here to make sure that you don’t give up too.

We can’t give up now.

Nnamonu Tochukwu


“We Can’t GiveUp Now”

A post to encourage you to be strong even in the toughest of times. Hope, endurance, perseverance, diligence, love, selflessness, tenacity, help, empathy, strength and much more can come from where you least expect them. Do to others what you wish them to do unto you.

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Be Intentional

Be Intentional

How intentional are you towards achieving your dreams?

What specific steps are you taking towards accomplishing your goals?

Have you realized that there are always tasks to complete before results emerge?

Have you made effort to identify the necessary actions for your quest?

Are you doing anything consistently to ensure that you have not abandoned your dreams?

If you sincerely answer these questions, you will realize that you need to get committed to what you consider your priority.

You are not alone in this.

Let us put creative thought and practical action consistently towards achieving our dreams; only then can we emerge with phenomenal results.

Get committed now to make effort, work hard and be Intentional.

Nnamonu Tochukwu
Be Intentional
A post to motivate you.

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We Did It!

We Did It!
There is so much joy that comes from accomplishing, especially when so much effort and expectations preceded.
How often are you delighted that your dishes are washed or that your laundry is done?
How excited are you when your results are excellent or when you are receiving a certificate?
Only the other day, we were preparing but today we can look back and be glad that it is done.
Yes, we did it!
I wouldn’t want you to ever give up on doing the right thing, especially because there is nothing to celebrate in quitting.
Take each step boldly, make each consultation thoroughly, do the needful dutifully and expect the best to play out.
Sometimes, things don’t go exactly as planned but whenever we give our best to planning and implementing, there is always a unique joy and excitement that accompanies accomplishing.

Yes, we did it! You can do it.

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The Event


Preparing for The Event

What runs through your mind as the day approaches?

Are you tensed or excited?

Is there some level of anxiety or is everything absolutely normal as they always have been?

I may not be able to say for certain whether your disposition is right or wrong but I can tell you that it is natural.

Does it really matter, how you feel?

I think it does.

Sometimes, feelings affect responses.

The way you feel about an offer could affect whether you’ll accept it or decline it.

If you have to select from numerous proposals, wouldn’t you be influenced by how each proposition makes you feel?

You probably don’t realize the effect of your disposition on the upcoming event because you don’t think that it matters.

How many times have you had to regret giving up or overreacting?

How many times have you become indifferent because of other people’s actions or inactions?

Make that decision that this one has to be different.

Tell yourself that you just have to be the best of yourself, and be it.

Just do it, especially because it is beneficial to all and because you can.

-Nnamonu Tochukwu


Preparing for the Event

Preparing for the wedding or event

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Do You React or Do You Respond?

reacting versus responding

Do you react or do you respond?

Reaction may be by reflex and could be spontaneous but a response should be a well thought expression or action.
Panic may be a reaction to certain circumstances but caution and vigilance could be the response.
Our reactions may contradict our ideals but we must learn to take responsibility and respond appropriately.
I have caught myself being rude or inconsiderate in situations where I am in a huge hurry. I try not to defend my actions. I rather apologise for my rashness and express my gratitude where I failed to.
I have witnessed people scream in fright only to realize that there was no danger. That’s a perfect example of a reaction. If I catch myself in their shoes, I would express the fact that it was spontaneous and apologize for the scene I may have created. I would make extra effort to ensure that similar circumstances would not trigger the same unwanted expression.
We have relationships where we expect our partners to understand our reactions, where as, often times; they don’t.
We have taken certain decisions at certain times, in response to certain things that happened, without communicating our reason effectively to other parties involved.
The beauty of relationship is communication.
Don’t make an assumption that he knows you are hot tempered; apologise to him.
Don’t assume that she would understand that you were in a hurry; let her know that she deserves your attention.
Don’t tell yourself that it has passed and you should move ahead; the same pattern may become a habit.
Make effort to refer to the flawed reaction and respond appropriately.
Do the right thing and keep doing it because practice makes perfect.
Keep responding appropriately until your ideal response becomes your natural reflex reaction.

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Plan to Respond Not React

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Be Ready For The New Year

be bold, be free, happy new year

One day; while still living with my dad in Enugu, I had the wedding of a bosom friend to attend on a Saturday morning in PortHarcourt.
It was the last Saturday of the month which had 7am to 10am dedicated to a cleanup exercise prohibiting movement during those stipulated hours.
Terrorism and accidents were in vogue at the time.
Daddy insisted that I should not make the trip because he could neither provide transportation nor security and I was resorting to go by public transport.
He did not want me to be exposed to the risk of encountering danger.
My mind was made up and all I needed was to convince him logically while I should dare.
The facts were clear and all I could do for a while was stare.
Finally I realized that my point was glaring but though.
I was about trading living with the fear of dying; then I spoke up.
I said; sharing this special moment with my friend means so much to me that depriving myself the privilege will simply be depriving myself some of the essence of living.
I added; it is better I die attempting to get fulfillment than live avoiding the challenges that stand in the way.
The words were so strong and seemed to have fitted a military procession better than a request for permission to make a trip to attend a wedding.
Of course my request was granted without hesitation.
I made the trip and even though I arrived very late because I had to take off after the cleanup exercise; I had the fun of my life and my presence was much appreciated.
Years have passed and dad has passed on, yet I realize that we are often faced with situations that demand us to trade our living with the fear of death.
It is a new year and we have to be ready.
We cannot continue doing the same things the same way and keep expecting different results.
We do or do not do certain things out of fear of failure.
It is a mindset.
We must have the right mindset to be ready for the new year.
It is not about the things that we have adopted in our new year resolution; it is about the paradigm shift that will truly make a difference.
One thing must kill a man but what legacy does he leave behind?
Everybody will die someday but at the end would it be that we succeeded in avoiding the threats that could annihilate us or that we stood by what we believed and did the things that we ought to do?
Love generously.
Protect the lives of your fellow human beings.
Be bold and courageous.
Be free.
That is simply what it takes to be ready for the new year.
Happy New Year!

Nnamonu Tochukwu
Be Ready for the New Year.

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Separate Yourself From The Crowd

the path to success

The time has come to start separating yourself from the crowd.
If everybody was like everyone else, there wouldn’t be great innovations to enjoy.
The music we listen to, the movies we watch, the vehicles we admire, the gadgets we enjoy, the stories we read and all the lovely things that make life tick, were pieced together by individuals like you and I, who distinguished themselves by committing to unique tasks that make a difference.
You are unique and you have all it takes to standout.
You don’t have to insist on trends because all your friends have subscribed.
You don’t have to cluster in the mall because everyone else does that.
Why do we flood the schools and end up loosing creativity?
Why do we all have jobs and are broke the bulk of the time?
We may feel that we belong, simply because we get along with the trends but life is not just about belonging.
Every early morning; workers crowd the staff bus while students crowd the school bus and it never ends.
Are you interested in quantity or in quality?
You have so much inside of you that can make people yearn for you.
You have enough within you to keep you both entertained and provided for.
Why suffer from boredom when you are gifted with creativity?
Why seek solace in rowdiness when solitude can suffice?
“come out from among them and be ye separate”.
It is time to say to yourself;
“He that is in me is greater than he that is in the world”.
The treasure we seek far away are within our reach.
Don’t despise what you have in a bid to seek what you want; you might end up loosing both.
Groom what you already have and grow it.
You can only gather much by ensuring that non is lost.
If drops of water can make a mighty ocean and the journey of a thousand miles can begin with a step, then we must value every moment, every talent and every person that life has brought our way.
I would cherish a walk with my loved one over a ride with the crowd.
I will relish the moments in my closet that prepares me for the stage over the ones that perpetually leaves me as a spectator with the crowd.

It is not easy to standout; that’s how difficult it is to be yourself.

The path to the top might just be lonely, simply because it is not often trod.

“The path often trod not always the route to success”

Separate Yourself From The Crowd
Nnamonu Tochukwu

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