Clues, Hints, Insinuations, Signs and Tips

Quote: Clues, hints, insinuations, signs and tips are not to be taken for granted.

Acting completely based on assumptions which may or may not be right can lead you into mistakes that can cost you more than you can imagine but it doesn’t mean that you should ignore clues, hints, insinuations, signs and tips.

After all, “If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck”.

Clues can help you simplify your process, hints will show you where to concentrate, insinuations can make you think outside the box, signs will notify you of what to expect ahead of time and tips are important nuggets that can guide you.

As important as they are, they are fragments or bits of a bigger picture.

With each that you have found, trace how much more you can find.

Getting to know someone better, having a better grip of your health or trying to understand the dynamics of a new market or business idea will require that you take nothing for granted.

Ask questions where you need to, observe further when you have to and conduct a verification if it is important but don’t ignore your clues, hints, insinuations, signs and tips.

It is important in relationships, health and business as you’ll achieve better results and increase productivity when you leave no stone unturned.


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5 Shocking Reasons Why Constantly Changing Your Plans Don’t Benefit You.

Quote: Always changing plans at the slightest encounter of challenge sabotages completion.

I can bet that you are an advocate of flexibility, especially as regards making adjustments when plans don’t seem to be generating the desired results. There is really nothing wrong with that, as long as you have given sufficient time backed up with relevant information to guide your decision. Where I consider it as a huge problem is when you are so eager to have your plans so perfect that you keep adjusting it without ever allowing it gather the necessary momentum to generate visible results.

I’ll be revealing 5 shocking reasons why constantly changing your plans are not as beneficial as they may seem in achieving results.

  1. Your initial plan might just be great; you may actually have struck a good deal or made an excellent bargain at the first instance but your deviation or constant tweaking deprives you from enjoying or harnessing the inherent potentials. You might never get to know how good a plan you had if you never allowed it to overcome inertia and gain traction.
  2. Results appreciate with input; if your reason for tweaking your plans hinge around the fact that you don’t see visible results soon enough, you have to remind yourself that it usually takes numerous blows to breakdown a rock and every single hit contributed to the eventual result. You always make more impact than is visible but the accumulation of your effort over time is what gives you an impressive visible result. 
  3.  Lots of resources will waste; a lot is put into back and forth movements. Commencing the implementation of a plan and returning to change the plan is often accompanied by some degree of waste. Imagine that you are building a house according to a plan and after the casting of the staircase; you decide to reposition the staircase for reasons best known to you. This may involve breaking down the existing structure and unfortunately certain material will not be easy to reuse. This is also applicable in terminating an investment before maturity. There is usually some sort of penalty which may include forfeiting of accrued interest or a portion of it. Always compare the additional advantage that the change in plan will bring to the lost resources in deviating from the plan. 
  4. Time is lost in the process; Time can be considered as a resource but this happens to be an irreplaceable one. Numerous activities can be run concurrently and some of them can be repeated but once time is missed, it’s been missed. You’ll need to borrow time that would have been used to achieve something else. Consistently tweaking your plans during implementation is like moving in different direction. A 3 hours journey may end up becoming a whole day’s journey if you keep changing route continuously without sticking to one. Just as a map with navigation is a very helpful tool for saving time and gas when making a trip, Some sort of code or principle should guide your decisions in sticking with plans or changing them. 
  5. There’s no guarantee that you are not going to change again once you start changing; this may sound funny but it is true. If you are in the habit of constantly creating new plans without considering the implication, you may just keep going on and on without ever realizing that a lot is going down the drain and worst still, you may never get to follow one to a logical conclusion. You may think that you already know this but the real question is; what have you done with what you already know? For how long will you continue to assume that nothing works in that area that you have continuously tweaked? This is certainly the time to get accountable and take ownership of the results that you generate by sticking with your plan and only making changes when they are truly necessary based on facts from verifiable data. 

The fact that you tried many things and none seemed to have worked is not a conclusion that the options you tried were not viable, there is that slight possibility that certain key things to reaching their full potentials were not applied before a change in course.

It is important to consider your working tools, the best practices in the field, your willingness and ability, outsourcing or the possibility of partnering before you give up on a venture or an approach that you adopted. There could just be that missing link that you can find and push things in the direction of your expectation.

There are also times to give up on adopted plans as you are not compelled to stick with it just because you started out with it. When you realize that a plan does not resonate with your values or you have sincerely lost interest, there really wouldn’t be any need to force yourself against your will. When better options or more effective solutions emerge, you can replace the old but never forget that focus and consistency is what enables you to put in the required amount of attention that can generate visible results. Moving in every direction at once will only leave you where you are or get you to nowhere. Your effort must be directed, else a lot will go to waste and that’s why it remains best to have a good plan to stick to until you generate your desired results.

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Results Come From Doing What You Know

Quote: What have you done with what you already know?

How often have you come across some insight, tip or nugget and said; I knew that before or I have heard that before?

Remember, every body desired the first position in class, back in the days but only the most prepared took it.

You can’t succeed by desiring alone or simply by knowing, you must put what you know to use.

Don’t be among those that will always talk about what they know or that only fantasize about what they intend to do but will never have anything to show for it.

It is good that you know a lot, now start to do as much as you already know.

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Keep Trying Despite Being Initially Overwhelmed

Quote: You shouldn’t give up because your first try was overwhelming. Mastery entails consistency.

Have you been intimidated into believing that you are unable to cope with certain things in a field that is new to you?

It is only that way because you are probably trying it for the first time or at least, you are yet to immerse yourself into it to master all that it entails.

Dedication and commitment will give you mastery over that seemingly insurmountable huddle.

You still have that creativity and flexibility within you, you can figure it out.

Get back to it and keep at it, you’ll get good at it too.

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Familiarization Cures The Fear of Change

Quote: New is unfamiliar that’s why you feel uneasy around it; simply familiarize.

Are you among those that lose their cool when new things emerge or when there’s a change?

It’s only natural to feel uneasy with unfamiliar things but you can’t just be intimidated by them.

The same excitement and inquisitiveness that you exhibit whenever you purchase a new item, which gets you acquainted with it’s functionalities, is what I expect from you when things change or when you are faced with challenges that seem new.

If you don’t familiarize yourself with new technologies, new trends, better ways of doing things and exercises that improve your results and feeling, you’ll keep feeling intimidated in certain circumstances.

Don’t just sit around, sticking to your obsolete routine while procrastinating your necessary actions to delve into your new frequency.

The break you seek requires that you do something differently.

Don’t just stay hopeful, do something in that direction.

Learning the new gives you confidence, leverage and options.

Don’t be averse to change, accept it.

Adapting to change is simply familiarizing yourself with the new and it starts from accepting.

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Little Wins Are Worth Celebrating

Quote: The satisfaction that comes accomplishing your projected tasks is enough motivation to keep trying.

Are you among those that usually get discouraged when you don’t win in a competition after putting in so much effort?

Have you not realized that you enjoy a certain level of satisfaction with each milestone that you cross in your training process?

Accomplishing certain tasks make you a better person and will soon give you results, even if the contest you had in mind didn’t end the way you initially expected.

Practice makes perfect and training increases efficiency.

Stay motivated by your little wins and the big ones will emerge with time.

Don’t under rate the satisfying feeling that comes from accomplishing your projected tasks, they are a good reward in themselves and they can keep you going until you begin to enjoy the more tangible dividends.

Winning must not be big before it is celebrated.

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Acting promptly prevents lots of waste!

Quote: Reach out for what matters to you while it’s still within your vicinity or you’ll have to travel in search of it.

What is usually your reaction when you get a call from someone dear that lives far away, notifying you of arrival to your town for a very brief stay?

I bet you will quickly do all that you can to ensure that you meet.

Growing up and being saddled with numerous responsibilities should have taught you that things are best done when the tides are in favor.

Delaying is sometimes the same as complicating, elongating and toughening.

It’s okay to hope to visit your parents, brother, sister, friend, loved one or prospect when you probably are able to travel overseas but don’t miss the chance of seeing now that the opportunity is so close to your door step.

Start now to do something about what you have always loved.

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Lack of Maintenance and Upgrade Drives You Backwards.

Quote: Maintain, repair, replace and upgrade, else, you’ll lose relevance.

Lack of maintenance and upgrade wouldn’t just leave you static, it keeps you behind because others are moving ahead.

There’s always something that keeps you going or even gives you an edge.

It could be a tool, a skill, a relationship, equipment, a device, a building, a concept, a style or even knowledge.

As long as there is functionality, there will be results but without being refreshed from time to time, functionality can be lost.

As long as time keeps ticking, new things and ways of doing things keep emerging.

When you are unable to maintain what you have, you begin to depreciate but as long as you keep adding to what you have, you’ll keep improving.

Your relevance is as a result of your ability to provide needed solutions.

Stay healthy, maintain healthy relationships and keep all you’ve got in good working condition.

Don’t neglect hygiene and never stop learning.

Discard the irrelevant things that occupy your space and drain your time, energy or resources.

Stay at your peak and keep increasing your capacity.

That’s how to stay relevant.

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Extraordinary results come from a little extra of ordinary things

Quote: It only takes consistently doing extra of ordinary things to generate extraordinary results.

Extraordinary results come from doing a little extra of ordinary things consistently.

When a hard rock, so difficult to crack, finally gives in at the 25th blow of a hammer, you will certainly agree with me that the 25th blow can’t take all the credit because the cumulative impact of all the blows did the job.

A lot of hard nuts to crack don’t necessarily need rocket science, they only need consistent effort.

You may not have seen the results of your efforts but they are certainly accruing and will manifest if you don’t give up. Don’t get tired of doing your little extra; that’s the distinguishing factor that will soon make you stand out as extraordinary.

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Distractions Are Avoidable With Focus and Discipline

Quote: Your ability to ignore distractions is a proof of your focus and discipline.

Do you actually think that you didn’t have an option when you were distracted?

The real situation is more likely that you were not focused on your priority.

It takes a lot of discipline to identify what’s most important to you and to stick with it.

People can stand in your way, someone can even push you but if you ignore them and keep pursuing your target, you’ll most likely surpass expectation without being entangled in an unnecessary fight.

Consoling yourself with the excuse that you were blocked or pushed wouldn’t justify the fact that you absconded from your assignment, especially when you got too engulfed that you couldn’t really get back to what truly mattered to you.

Next time you set out to do a thing, don’t let unimportant things take your attention, time or resources.

Focus and discipline are important if you really want to accomplish a task.

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