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Proper Planning

Proper planning saves time and resources! Think it through before making a move. Whatever you try to save by avoiding proper thinking, you will most likely pay for, with time and material, during implementation. Implementation is simple and straight foward … Continue reading

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Valuables And Responsibility

Give attention to your valuables or be willing to loose them to those who appreciate value but are not willing to pay the price. Negligence creates loop holes. In as much as it is your responsibility to acquire, it is … Continue reading

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Through Thick Or Thin!

To truely love requires a lot more than just saying “I love you”, it involves being true to those words through thick or thin. -Nnamonu Tochukwu.

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Never wait for Plan A to fail before you put Plan B in place. Certain operations can’t afford the luxury of a breakdown without an alternative. Always keep your house in order because you may not have all the time … Continue reading

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Simple Arithmetic

It is simple arithmetics; one plus one equals two. Sometimes, all we have to do to bring our dreams to fruition is to put two and two together. Life is a process; every result is preceded by a procedure. Take … Continue reading

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Sweet Moments!

What moments could ever be more pleasant than the ones we spend in the places of our dreams? Places painted in the blends that give us the most joy and scented with fragrances that appeal most to us. Places saturated … Continue reading

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Wreckless Delegation

This post was supposed to be put up yesterday but I slept off out of exhaustion. Every “today” in this post refers to 21/03/2012. Something happened today and I remembered my post ‘One Quote On Delegation‘ Construction on the site … Continue reading

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