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A Good Moral Lesson

A good moral lesson is worth sharing. Desist From Doing Anything That Is Not Worth Doing “Not everything is worth doing; desist from doing anything that is not worth doing”. This is a good moral lesson. Succeeding at the expense … Continue reading

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Do Today What You Should Do Everyday

Everyday is a victorious day for victorious people. Today is a blossoming day for blossoming people. Join the league of the victorious and the blossoming by taking charge of your attitude today. Do you want to be surrounded by happy … Continue reading

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Word Efficacy

“If it was worth saying then it is worth doing. The efficacy of your words determine the authenticity of your worth.” “To promise and fail is a sign of unreliability” -Nnamonu Tochukwu.

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Gratitude has no Substitute

“Gratitude; a rare attribute with the multitude. Such attitude generates the magnitude to attain any altitude. In the right amplitude, your gratitude can stir the multitude” Gratitude has no substitute -Nnamonu Tochukwu. Teeceecounsel

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Character Versus Reputation

Not every round of strife always ends in win or loose nor is it always true that a crowd is right. When facing facts of life and wondering what to choose consider tacts and stance, as if it’s a fight. … Continue reading

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Standing Tall Versus Compromise

If life was a contest, would you win or compromise? If an argument, would you stand and talk till you cry? Or hold your values, walk away then work to prove them true? Let’s take a look at these together: … Continue reading

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Night Thoughts

Night has come and my eyes are dull. The day was tough and I need some rest. I’ve got some cloths to wash and I have my phone to charge. My siblings want to play and my parents choose to … Continue reading

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Everyone has their style their own likes and dislikes. Whether you love to try or to give up and cry this tip you must hold high: be ready to change your style. You may be good with words or even … Continue reading

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