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Quotes: Culture, Excellence, Success And Habit

Quotes And Questions Culture, Excellence, Success And Habit “If excellence is your culture, you’ll exude success effortlessly” -Nnamonu Tochukwu. What have you chosen to remain as your habit? Will it take you to where you desire or where you intend … Continue reading

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Sms Quote: Be The Best

Sms Quote Be The Best “The best way to get the best out of this life is to be the best of yourself!” -Nnamonu Tochukwu. Teecee. It’s a quote, but it’s also an sms! Sms Quote: a quote accompanied by … Continue reading

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Meeting Targets: Substance or Number

There is a big difference between number and substance, especially when trying to meet targets. A single person can out-perform a crowd. Number is not necessarily the same as value. Volume does not necessarily mean value. Quantity is not necessarily … Continue reading

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Do Today What You Should Do Everyday

Everyday is a victorious day for victorious people. Today is a blossoming day for blossoming people. Join the league of the victorious and the blossoming by taking charge of your attitude today. Do you want to be surrounded by happy … Continue reading

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Quotes: Best Time, Best Practices And Best Results

Quotes The best time to do a thing is at the best time. Certain things are not worth doing as long as the time-frame for doing them have ellapsed. Most ventures have a best time, a best approach and probably … Continue reading

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Success Tips: Eliminating Pressure And Tension In Three Simple Steps

Eliminating Pressure And Tension In Three Simple Steps 1) To eliminate pressure and tension, we must think ahead of time. Thinking ahead of time simply means considering all the possible options and variations necessary for a task earlier than they … Continue reading

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Assonance In Success Quote

QUOTE “Aspiration for sweet success is simply the sustaining structure seperating excellence from insolence.” Just a writing tip for aspiring poets and writers: Assonance is the repetition of vowel sounds in a line of poem; a rhyming of vowel sounds. … Continue reading

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Find Your Own Success

Success is neither static nor universal. Success is personal. What you consider as your success may not be what I consider as my success. What you also consider as my success may not be what I consider as mine. Success … Continue reading

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Excellence Is A Key To Success

See excellence from my own view! Excellence simply means; settling for nothing less than simply the very best. Excellence is neither just a result nor an outcome; it is rather a mindset or an attitude. Excellence aims at the highest … Continue reading

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The Interaction Of Senses

Sweet sounds simply stay safe in my mind while warm words would wilfuly weld my thoughts. Mild but effective, slow but powerful, soft yet intense. Control does not necessarily mean force but it sure sounds like it. Guidance may, on … Continue reading

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