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Birthday Sms; Incredible Heights

You will always attain; Incredible heights, amazing joy and inexplicable fulfilment, in everything you do and everywhere you go throughout life. Happy Birthday! Nnamonu Tochukwu. Teecee.

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I find it counterintuitive that mankind subjects young children to a framework or education system based on the premise that the adults know what they should be teaching these clean slates.  If the…

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Appreciation Of Wise Birthday Wishes

The prayers, wishes and encouraging words that you invested in me while commemorating my birth, have been received with gladness. Expect fruitful returns! Nnamonu Tochukwu. Teecee. With gratitude towards, and in appreciation of; the wise birthday wishes and words of … Continue reading

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What’s That Thing That Makes You Feel Right?

What’s that thing you love, that makes you feel just right? What’s that thing that seizes your attention for hours and you still feel good afterwards? What’s that thing that could keep you from eating? What’s that thing that you’ll … Continue reading

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Collaboration Is Not By Chance

Tee and Toni collaborate! This took chance to initiate. Wandering where to appropriate these few lines to appreciate. Chance is not an accident. Just imagine the incident, without prior precedent; I now feel like a president! I just want to … Continue reading

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SOLITARY Beautiful scenario, a solitary sea vessel. With sails pointing to the skies and base spread upon the sea. Water is obviously all around, the skies are massively spread above, yet irrespective of it’s size, the solitary vessel stands out. … Continue reading

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A Little Weird

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SOURCE: The world-wide-web CREDITS & COPYRIGHT:  To whoever made it

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BLOGGERS ARE ARTISTS AND SO ARE WRITERS “writers blog, bloggers post, posts are creative pieces and creative pieces are products of artists.” – Nnamonu Tochukwu. I am a writer and now a blogger. I write creative pieces and send them … Continue reading

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Wisdom Is An Open Secret

Wisdom Is An Open Secret Wisdom is synonymous with balance, balance is synonymous with compromise, compromise seems like reducing the standard or settling for less. Can wisdom mean settling for less? Shocking! The secret of wisdom is that it knows … Continue reading

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My Birthday Haiku

MY BIRTHDAY HAIKU Feelings words can’t portray, hopeful and expectant; my birthday today!

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