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Inspiration: I am inspired

I am inspired! Yes, I am inspired. It may surprise you to know that at this moment, my inspiration is neither from a beautiful picture nor an amazing speech. This inspiration is neither from the complexity of a new solution, … Continue reading

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Haiku: Through my window

Haiku She’s up at dawn diligently washing I see her through my window Teecee. Haiku: Through my window In response to: Daily Prompt: Through the Window

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Valuables Are Valuable: Shun Negligence

Negligence should seize to exist in the path to success, excellence and fulfilment. Whenever you notice that a valuable is damaged or lost, it is wise to take a closer look and make a useful move. Mourning the loss or … Continue reading

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Quote: Irresponsibility Costs While Responsibily Pays

Quote Irresponsibility Costs While Responsibily Pays “Irresponsibility costs much more than responsibility, but responsibility pays more.” -Nnamonu Tochukwu. This quote bothers around responsibility. Very often, we try to avoid responsibilities, only to end up facing the consequences of irresponsibility which … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Mighty Inspiration:
Today I saw a picture that included a bit of statistic. It stopped me in my tracks. Here – I’ll share it with you. I knew we had the means in our modern world but…

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Quotes: The optimistic And Hopeful Mind

QUOTES The optimistic And Hopeful Mind “When nothing is sure, everything is possible.” -Margaret Drabble “The true battles of life are fought in the mind.” “To be optimistic does not mean walking on hot coal or taking outrageous action; it … Continue reading

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Quote: Luck

Quote Luck “Being prepared, optimistic and observant is equiping yourself to create the results that people call luck” Nnamonu Tochukwu. Teecee. We create our own luck. You make your own luck. If you do the right things at the right … Continue reading

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Humor: Laugh Out Loud

Humor Laugh Out Loud I’m sitted right now in an examination hall, about to right a pen on paper exam. I just reallized that my pen has an inscription. It says; “LUCKY”. You know what that means? I’m so excited. … Continue reading

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Life Sms: Misfortune, Consolation, Success And Satisfaction

Life Sms/Text Message Misfortune, Consolation, Success And Satisfaction My dear, we are not defined by the things that happen to us, we are rather defined by the things that we make happen. Misfortune opens our eyes to possibilities. Detach yourself … Continue reading

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Teaching, Learning, Society And Philosophy Of Life

If teaching is the promotion of learning, the art of impacting knowledge, a process of inducing learning or the process by which a teacher guides learners in the acquisition of knowlege, skills and attitudes, while philosophy is the sum of … Continue reading

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