You Stand Out; Happy Valentine’s Day


“In the world;
-there are people.
-there are relatives.
-there are acquaintances.
-there are friends.
-there’s family.
-there are loved ones.
And; there is YOU!

You Stand Out; Happy Valentine’s Day

Among all that exist, certain people are special gifts that give our lives a meaning.
No wonder someone asks; what can I do without you?
For me, everyday is a special day but I always love to take advantage of strategic days to express my self.
I would want you to know that whether or not I say it; you mean so much to me.
Among all that makes me tick; you stand out.
Happy Valentine’s Day!

Nnamonu Tochukwu.
You Stand Out; ☆Happy☆ ♡Valentine’s♡ ☆Day☆

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Sms: Seasons Greetings To The One I Love

Sms: Seasons Greetings To The One I Love

You may be further away than I desire but knowing that you are there gives me joy.
I may not have heard your voice as often as I wished but I am excited hearing it at all.
The merriment of the season may have flooded us with activities but it will not stop me from sharing how much you mean to me.
I love you.
Merry Christmas, my Love.

-Nnamonu Tochukwu (Teecee)
Sms: Seasons Greetings To The One I Love.

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Start Now

start now


Whoever said that you cannot start now to be happy, who also said you cannot start now to work towards achieving your dreams? You may be experiencing difficulties, you may be facing challenges and you may even have encountered limitations, yet these things must not stop you. Start now!

One of the laws in physics states that; a body at rest continues to remain at rest until acted upon by a force.
Naturally, we will not attempt to move if we don’t believe that we can.
The massive change that we always desire can actually commence from little adjustments.
If drops of water can make a mighty ocean, why not start now to form the reservoir and to direct your water drops to it?

Nnamonu Tochukwu
Start Now

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I Cannot Hate; Be Yourself

When I dance, I cannot hate


I don’t like to hate, else I would have said; “I hate to hate”. But I just can’t. In fact, maybe I just cannot hate.
Don’t judge me yet. That’s just me.
I love to explain, I don’t like to list.
I am more concerned about “why” than “what”.
Again, don’t judge me; that am just me.
I love to be appreciated and that’s what brings me out.
I would rather stay alone with myself than hang around someone or people who don’t appreciate me.
I am my own best friend and the best thing I do for myself is putting smiles on faces.
I love words, I love gestures, and I love anything that can enable me express my thoughts in a way that there must be smiles on faces.
I don’t like to impose my ideas, opinions, perspectives or preferences on people, and as a result, I prefer to stay neutral and only attract those who are naturally interested in me.
Because I am my own best friend, hanging around friends deprives me of time with myself and that’s why it is torturing to stay around unappreciative people.
Because I don’t like to hate, I can tolerate anything. But it is so not fair to keep enduring when I can rather enjoy.
I love it when people appreciate me, understand me and allow me to be myself.
I open up to such people and I go to any extent to keep smiles on their faces.
I don’t mind dissatisfying my own best friend to keep anyone who understands me as a friend.
I love to teach and that’s why I love to stay around those who love it when I teach them.
Because most people are more interested in “what” than “why”, I am not so interested in learning from just anybody.
Most people make friends that they can learn from, but for me it is different.
I make friends that I can teach.
I love to think.
Thinking has made me my own best friend.
It has also opened my consciousness to the realities of life.
Things are not often as they seem.
Common sense is not common.
People are bound by patterns, traditions, methods, materials, and a whole lot of insignificant things, whereas, simple reason can liberate them.
Why would I make a friend to teach me how things are done, rather than explore the numerous possibilities that nobody else has realized?
I love to teach my friends that they are unique.
I love to teach my friends that there is nothing they cannot do.
Because of the way my mind works, I see many different ways of doing the same things.
I also see that certain people are better at doing certain things than certain others.
Why would I struggle to learn a thing that I will struggle to maintain?
I would rather delegate certain things to those who are better at them than struggle all my life to do them.
That way, I can focus on those that I can do best and even enjoy why doing them.
The kinds of friends I love to keep are those who can see things the way I see them.
I can do anything for those who can appreciate me for who I am. I can even become their own ideal person, at the expense of my own ideals.
I love people who believe, despite odds, that there are possibilities to be explored.
I love those who believe that there are better ways of doing things than the ways that already exist.
I believe in identifying what works and building on it, rather than dogmatically sticking to traditions, whether or not they have been productive.
I don’t believe that people have to be older to be wiser.
I don’t believe either that because something worked for one person in one way, it must work for another person in the same way.
I am unique.
What impresses me is not what impresses others.
What determines my decisions is not what determines the decisions of others.
If “why” is more important to me than “what”, does it not change everything?
If I would rather elaborate than itemize, does it not change everything?
I am boring to a certain kind of people, but I am interesting to some.
If truly I am left to be myself, I will both find more fulfillment and accomplish more.
If only I am understood, I would be enjoyed, rather than endured.
If you want to be relevant to me, you don’t have to pity me, you only have to understand me.
Don’t judge me yet, just understand me.
This is me.
I cannot just hate.

Hate cannot drive out hate

Only Love Can Do That

Maybe if I hated the things I don’t like, I would not have tolerated them for so long.
Maybe if I could hate, I would have had a closet that I would never leave, and only welcome those who meet my taste.
Maybe if I could hate, people would have really known me for who I am.
I am my own best friend, and seeing everybody smile is what I do for my best friend.
Those who judge me and refuse to respond to my effort would only receive less commitment from me.
That would have been worse if only I could hate.
I would probably return to my closet and permanently shut out those who deprive me of my fulfillment.
Deep down, I need another best friend.
Every day, I search among my friends to know who I can offer the gift of myself.
Who on earth deserves to deprive me of my time with myself?
It must be one who believes in me.
I keep nothing back from the one who can believe in me.
But what will I get in return?
Will I be judged or will I be understood?
Whatever I get in return, I will never seize to be myself.
I cannot hate.
The time has come to be myself!

Don't change so people will like you

Now listen to me, my friend.
You must be yourself!
You have to be sure of what determines your decisions and be serious with them, or you’ll be tossed about in life.
You have to evaluate whether you are understood and whether you understand, before you commit yourself.
You have to know that most people are interested in what they can get from you.
For me, “how” is the connection between “what” and “why”. But “why” is the most important.
That is me.
You may be asking; “What can you do for me?”, “how much can you offer?”, “what will I get in return”…
But have you relaxed first to ask the question; “why would you even want to do anything for me?”
You must understand “why” before “what”.
“Why” lies in the thoughts, deep down in the heart.
That is where the most valuable things in life reside.
Dig deep if you must get the best.

Be Yourself

Life Is About Being Yourself

In life, the spiritual rules the physical through the intellectual. That’s my own opinion.
Patiently follow my weird way of analyzing life, without judging me. Remember, I love to explain. I am just being me (Smiles!). By the way, I am going through all this rigors so that you can be yourself:
The physical, which is made up of material things, is the least on the hierarchy. That is the realm where “what” springs from. Whether it is money, clothes, a car, a house or anything material, it is the final product and has the least significance in my hierarchy.
Next to the physical on my ranking, is the intellectual. It is from this realm that “how” emanates. The process to accomplish a thing or the medium, through which things are brought into existence, may often require intellectual. The purpose of a thing must be known before its features and components can be determined. “How” converts “why” to “what”. That’s just how my mind works. And of course, the intellectual resides in the mind.
The Spiritual tops the chart, and that is the realm that brings forth; “why”. “Why” bothers around reason and purpose. It determines everything. It is the purpose of a thing that determines its value or relevance. A house may be worth so much, or worth nothing, depending on the purpose for which it was offered. Very often, we associate reason with the brain. The brain may be the intellectual and emotional power house, but without it, the physical cannot be appreciated. The brain controls the senses. I cannot say where the spirit resides in the body, but a certain quote comes to my mind. “As a man thinks in his heart, so he is”. It might just be confusing associating the heart with thoughts, but the spiritual is associated so much with faith.
I don’t intend to pull you into philosophy, but I want you to consider what determines your decisions. Do you respond to what you see, think or feel? Do you evaluate people based on appearance or promises? Do you decide the worth of a gift by its size or weight? The most valuable gifts may neither be seen nor felt, they may just be thoughts.
This is how I think, and that’s what makes me to be me.
You don’t have to be me; neither do you have to be someone else. All you have to be is yourself.
I appreciate you for who you are, so will you appreciate me or judge me to be weird?
I am not difficult, I am only different.
I am cool with who I am. I don’t have to pretend.
I only need to work on being the best I can be, rather than imitating the old.
I treat each person with respect and trust that one believes in me.
With that one, I am myself and I don’t have to be sorry for being me.
Understand yourself, believe in yourself and be yourself, else, you may never be able to tell who is good for you.
“When” is another important factor, and the answer is “now”.
Do you remember where I started from?
I cannot hate.
I’m so sorry, I cannot hate.
Did I just say I’m sorry?
I don’t have to keep apologizing for who I am.
The fact that I cannot hate, neither makes me better or worse than you are. I am just me and you are you.
Be yourself and damn the consequences.
I am me and I will take the bull by the horn and be myself!
No apologies!
Learn from me if you want to be my friend.
Be yourself!
I am not teaching you to be like me, get the point!
I teach my friends to be free!
When you love everyone, you will give each the respect that is deserved, and you will never feel an atom of guilt.
I choose to love, rather than to hate.
I choose to sacrifice for others, when the need arises.
But when I stay in my choice location; my closet, I am fulfilled and no one can even interrupt me with their own problems.
Can you really be with me and allow me to be myself?
With me, you can be yourself and never be judged for it!
Be yourself and that is when you will find those who truly appreciate you for who you are!

Be yourself, no one can say you are doing it wrong

Nnamonu Tochukwu.
I cannot Hate; Be Yourself

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Never Pretend: Do the Best You Can

Never Pretend: Do the Best You Can

Never be who you are not

Never Pretend

Never pretend!
You can’t hold a false impression for too long.
What makes you think you will not get tired someday of trying to impress people by being who you are not?
You have a true identity.
There is something that makes you tick.
You have your true passions and abilities.
Certain things distinguish you from others and make you exceptional.
Why focus on the things that trigger others.
Why try to appear nicer than you really are so that people can tolerate you.
Why not rather become the best of yourself so that people can celebrate you.
Nobody else can be a better you than you, that is why it is best to remain original.
Why pretend, when you are better at being yourself than anybody else can?
You are king when it comes to being you.
You have your ideals and your dreams. Stick to them. Pursue them!
Develop yourself!
Do the best you can.
Work towards achieving your own goals.
Keep dreaming your own dreams and carving your own path.
Align with those that share your values and tag along with those that encourage your dreams.
Certain people love you for who you are and enjoy you for being yourself.
You will never need to pretend around such people. Identify them and use their encouragement as leverage.
Why force yourself to stay in an uninspiring environment, only to please someone who feels you are no good?
Why plead for admiration and borrow to impress, in an environment where you are considered worthless?
It is only with time that you will either end up being a complete duplicate of someone else, or get discarded as trash.
Rather than pretend; do the best you can!

Use What You Have

Do The Best You Can

You have your own unique perspectives, passions and abilities.
You will definitely interpret life in your own unique way.
Rather than pretend; do the best you can.
If someone identifies you for being you, it is almost impossible for such a person to get fed up of you.
If you are loved for being yourself, being the best of yourself will fetch you even more love.
That way, you will keep getting happier and more fulfilled with the company you have and the satisfaction you enjoy.
Don’t pretend to be accepted. Rejoice when you are rejected for being yourself. Keep being yourself until you are identified by those that love you for who you are.
Those who love you for who you are will sincerely inspire you and bring out the best in you.
Why pretend when you have better chances at doing the best you can?
You can only learn to do better when you have at least done your best.

When you know better, you'll do better

Do The Best You Can

What makes you believe that it is only in that little space where you find yourself right now, that you can find endorsement, approval and encouragement?
If nobody appreciates you right there, there may just be some better place.
Have you not realized that your conversations may be more interesting with certain people than others?
Has it not occurred to you that moments shared with certain people gives you more fulfillment than those shared with certain other people?
The same way some people appear more interesting and relevant to you, people’s perspective of you vary from person to person.
Life is more fun when it’s shared with people that enjoy you.
You can’t find out who truly enjoys you for being yourself, if you have never picked up the courage to be yourself.
Games are enjoyed in the playing.
If life is a game, would you deprive yourself the fun of playing for fear of losing?
If you find your right game, you will definitely find people to play with, and whether you win or lose, you will be happy.
Life’s trophy may not necessarily be material possessions or money, but the joy, satisfaction and fulfillment that comes from sharing happy moments with those that appreciate you.
In life, you must dare to explore new grounds, because that is the key to unlock your long awaited dreams.
Make the necessary changes that will give you the mileage you desire in life.
Be bold to make that move!
As you move, stick with what works and lighten yourself of the burden of the stuffs that don’t work.
Hold on to those that love you and keep becoming the best of yourself.
Position yourself in your place of relevance and your prominence will be inevitable.
Only then will you be able to attract true fans effortlessly.
Be the best of yourself, enjoy the comfort of your own skin, align with those that value you and quit pretending.
Take the bull by the horn and dare to play life’s game to the fullest!

Never let the fear of striking out

Playing The Game

Nnamonu Tochukwu.
Never Pretend: Do The Best You Can

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I want to love

Find The One


It is my heart desire to see smiles on faces, because they encountered me.
I earnestly desire that my presence shall calm tensed nerves and help anxiety fade away.
I long to see burdens lifted up and solutions proffered, simply because I showed up.
I wish that no malice, jealousy, strife and similar vices will be able to survive my presence.
I love to have the right word for every moment.
I would like to carry hope along with me and to exude contagious joy everywhere I go.
I would love my arms to be a sure place of comfort and my presence, a place of rest.
I love to be associated with peace, joy and progress.
I want to love, and I want to be loved in return.

I want to love and be loved

Love And Be Loved

I want someone to put a smile on my face.
I want someone to calm my nerves when I’m tensed.
I want someone to share my burdens with me.
I want someone with whom I will enjoy perfect peace.
I want someone that will have the right word for me.
I want someone that would always ignite hope and joy in me.
I want to find the arms in which I will enjoy comfort and rest.
I want someone that desires my progress and happiness.
I want to love and be loved in return.

I want someone to long for my presence.
I want someone to long for my touch.
I want someone to long to hear my voice.
I want someone to long to be of help to me.

One day, I will find you.
I’ll love to stay around you.
And let it be soon.

Never leave me lonely
Dare to love me, only
I really want it soon.

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Confession: It is worth it, but I am Afraid

Confession: It is worth it, but I am Afraid

Fear or Success

Courage is What Truly Counts

Fear is one of the pillar roots of failure.
Other culprits are ignorance, laziness, misprioritization, lack of interest, indecision and peer pressure.
Fear is the subject for analysis in this post.
I have recently been sharing thoughts about taking responsibility and addressing escape escuses.
Here are some links to keep you updated.
“I am afraid” could be regarded as another escape excuse, but considering the sincerity and openness, I will take it to be a confession.
Fear is often the reason behind most excuses and the moment we identify it and face it, our chances for excellence skyrockets.
I want to give you this assurance that fear is not something new.
Fear is not peculiar to you.
Even great achievers have battled with fear.
This is just to let you know that you are not alone in this.
From your own words; “It is worth it, but I am afraid”, I can deduce that you have the desire to continue and I can also sense that there is light at the end of the tunnel.
Since you are convinced that it is worth it, your problems are very much reduced. If I were you, I would face my fears, dive in headlong and go for the grabs.
Fear can be paralysing, and that is why we must keep a clear head to analyse things objectively and move beyond being emotional to being rational.
When you have come to the conclusion that a venture is worth it, you are at peace with the terms and you desire the dividends, you already have sufficient motivation to overcome your fears.
Motivation can propel you to overcome;ignorance, laziness, misprioritization, lack of interest, indecision and peer pressure.
Fear is unique, because sometimes it defies common sense. It could be crippling and create an impression of hopelessness in situations. But no matter how devastating fear may appear to be, you can take charge of it right within your mind. Alter your thoughts, think of the brighter side, remind yourself of those that made it, repeat the procedure over and over again in your mind. Discuss with positively minded people. Take charge of the situation and say to yourself; “is it just this thing?
The magnitude you allote to it in your mind could be part of what intimidates you in the situation.
Figure out a way to forge ahead beyond your fears.
As long as you believe, you will overcome.
Once there is a will, there is a way.
Anything worth doing is worth doing well.
I once came across an acronym for fear that says fear is: False Evidences Appearing Real.

Don't be afraid


How will you feel if you are stopped by mirages and illusions?
How could you be deprived of your dreams, simply because you didn’t have the nerve to lift a finger when you should have?
How will you feel when you look back and see that there was no reason why you should not have succeeded only that you resigned out of fear?
What story will you have to tell when you need to give account of what you have achieved with your time?
Why should you even think of allowing fear to be the reason to have regrets?
Nip fear at the bud and move on.
Do it if it is worth it.

Fear of failure

Desire For Success

Everything you want is attainable, if only you can take the necessary steps.
Your chances of making a difference lie in doing things differently.
There is really a fear of change, but only change brings change.
You can’t keep doing the same thing and be expecting different results.
Gather the necessary courage to unleash the possibilities awaiting you behind you fears.

The other side of fear

Everything You Want

Identifying the fact that you are afraid and confessing it, is the first step to finding a solution.
Now that you know how much depends on the courage you choose to build, do that which must be done.
I would love you to share your story with smiles on your face and with a sense of fulfilment.
succumbing to your fears will only bring regrets later.
If truly it is worth it, then do it. Don’t let fear stop you.

Nnamonu Tochukwu.
Confession: It Is Worth It, But I am Afraid.

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