Should I or Should I Not?

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Should I or Should I Not?

What exactly is the right thing to do when faced with a situation that gives us reason to be uncertain about the decision to take?

Are you expecting me to answer the question for you?

Are you sure that I am not equally trying to find out what the right answer should be for myself too?

Well, I would be glad if you ponder along with me.

Why should I go ahead, when my action will deprive some others of their due rights and privileges?

Why should I go ahead if I would most probably blame another for the consequences?

Why should I go ahead, when in all fairness; it would be considered inconsiderate by stakeholders?

Most people seem not to mind, as long as it will fetch them more money. Why should I be like them?

Some others will not mind to take the share of another, simply because they can. Why should I be like them?

Someone once said to me; “there is love in sharing”, only to eat up all the food in my plate and leave me hungry.

Life is not really about you alone; you only live it through your own body.

In as much as you might desire to distinguish yourself, don’t adapt the approach of trampling upon others to climb to your desired heights.

In my opinion; collaboration far supersedes competition.

If I must choose whether I should or whether I should not, then I must consider how it will also affect those around me.

It is important that I do all that I can to make the world a better place for myself and for others in it.

So what is Next?


Nnamonu Tochukwu.


Should I or Should I Not?

I hope you pondered too.


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Pushing Through

Sometimes we consider certain things worth doing, we resolve to do them, we imagine reaping the dividends of doing them, we keep going about our usual business with the anticipation that we will soon be done doing them, only to realise that days, weeks, months or even years have passed and we never got around to do them.

Could this be true with you?

Can you remember anything you still have not pushed yourself to finish even though you considered it to be worth doing?

Trust me, you are not alone in this. But that should not be your consolation; if you do not take responsibility of the situation, you will keep hovering around the same spot. Certain things cannot be accomplished without consciously pushing through.

Probably you do not consider the implications of not doing them to be life threatening. Maybe you do not imagine yourself to be in a big mess; having numerous tasks unattended or a pile of dreams unaccomplished.

Could it be because there is nobody on your neck demanding that you deliver?

Is it because it is your own thought or idea and nobody else knows about it?

Assuming that it was someone else that paid you to do exactly the same thing, would you have lingered this long without delivering?

The truth is that great things are never accomplished without a conscious effort to forfeit trivial things. There must be some pushing through.

Everyday comprises of 24 hours and it is from it that we must carve out the time to contribute positively to all that matters to us.

You will definitely need to make some adjustment to your routine before certain things can be accomplished. Either you borrow some time from a less important activity or you completely eliminate time wasters. You can also consider aligning with people who will contribute positively either by moral support or collaboration.

Successful ventures are painstakingly built. You must make a conscious effort to carve out time and breakout from certain routine to exercise yourself in the direction that will bring you accomplishment and fulfilment. That’s what I call; pushing through.

So what has kept you from exploring that idea?

What has prevented you from taking the necessary action?

What will stop you from taking that trip today?

Why wouldn’t you just place that call right away?

Wouldn’t you sit by your table and clear the backlog immediately?

I think you should push until life becomes as beautiful as it can be for you and for everyone.

If it will give you joy and make life better for others then go ahead and do it.

I know you can do it.

Just do it!
Nnamonu Tochukwu.


Pushing Through.

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In The Face of Challenges

When faced with difficult situations or what we consider huge challenges, our disposition towards it determines how we will fare.

Attitude, they say; is everything.

There is the popular story of a nation that arrived enemy territory by sea and in order to ensure that going back is not an option, they burned their ships and engaged into battle. In this case all that was on their mind was win or die.

This little scenario has made me realize that the reason we often give up it that we have other alternatives. Because we embark on tasks that may not directly be saving us from direct death, we approach them with the mind set that even if we don’t succeed, there’s no big deal.

Can we change that?

Can we tell ourselves that since we accepted to do it, then do it we must.

Can we stand by our word and irrespective of the obstacles in our way be determined to deliver?

If making little adjustments will make all the difference, why not make the adjustments today?

If giving it some concentration for a long time is all that it will take, why not do that right away.

The true value of a thing is also determined by the opportunity cost which is the alternative forgone.

There will always be demands on our time, money, skills, tools, space and a lot more but in order to accomplish the set targets we must give priority to what matters most and do what must be done.

No retreat, no surrender! That’s the spirit that wins.

In the face of challenges; men ought always to pray and not give up.

My colleague in the office once told me that to work is to pray. When we do the necessary work that should bring us the solutions that we desire, our prayers will be heard.

Pray without seizing; work without relenting.

No retreat, no surrender!

Nnamonu Tochukwu


In The Face of Challenges.

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Happy Married Life Message To You; My Friend

My friend,
I put a call across to my mum to let her know that I will be stopping by to fix some things in the house. She was excited but mentioned that I might only be able to see her briefly as she is preparing to leave for your wedding.
I was surprised because I did not have the slightest clue that it was your wedding day but I was also excited because it also happened to be your special day.
I did all I could to finish up the task I had at home but I could not finish early enough to meet up with your wedding so I sent my regards through my mum.
Because you mean so much to me, I have not relented from wishing you a happy married life.

Happy Married Life Message
“Two are better than One because they have a good reward for their labour”
May your union launch you into greater heights of relevance and productivity.
May new opportunities spring up as a result of this new relationship that has introduced you into a married life.
May all the blessings that you desire be yours and may all the good things of life be abundant in your new family.
If One will chase a Thousand and Two will chase Ten Thousand, I pray that you will multiply to chase millions.
Time may not permit me to pour out my heart neither may space accommodate my wishes for you but be rest assured that you have my best wishes in your marriage.
Love will bind you Two as One.
Understanding will keep the Bond forever.
Settle your differences among yourselves and support your dreams and ambitions without washing dirty linens outside.
I will gladly celebrate more occasions with you.
Happy Married Life!

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You Stand Out; Happy Valentine’s Day


“In the world;
-there are people.
-there are relatives.
-there are acquaintances.
-there are friends.
-there’s family.
-there are loved ones.
And; there is YOU!

You Stand Out; Happy Valentine’s Day

Among all that exist, certain people are special gifts that give our lives a meaning.
No wonder someone asks; what can I do without you?
For me, everyday is a special day but I always love to take advantage of strategic days to express my self.
I would want you to know that whether or not I say it; you mean so much to me.
Among all that makes me tick; you stand out.
Happy Valentine’s Day!

Nnamonu Tochukwu.
You Stand Out; ☆Happy☆ ♡Valentine’s♡ ☆Day☆

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Sms: Seasons Greetings To The One I Love

Sms: Seasons Greetings To The One I Love

You may be further away than I desire but knowing that you are there gives me joy.
I may not have heard your voice as often as I wished but I am excited hearing it at all.
The merriment of the season may have flooded us with activities but it will not stop me from sharing how much you mean to me.
I love you.
Merry Christmas, my Love.

-Nnamonu Tochukwu (Teecee)
Sms: Seasons Greetings To The One I Love.

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Start Now

start now


Whoever said that you cannot start now to be happy, who also said you cannot start now to work towards achieving your dreams? You may be experiencing difficulties, you may be facing challenges and you may even have encountered limitations, yet these things must not stop you. Start now!

One of the laws in physics states that; a body at rest continues to remain at rest until acted upon by a force.
Naturally, we will not attempt to move if we don’t believe that we can.
The massive change that we always desire can actually commence from little adjustments.
If drops of water can make a mighty ocean, why not start now to form the reservoir and to direct your water drops to it?

Nnamonu Tochukwu
Start Now

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