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Why Pray? What Prayer Does For Me

Have you considered what it means to pray? What my own prayer does for me: -it drives my fears away from me -it helps me stand when others fall -it gives me hope when hope is lost -with God all … Continue reading

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Wedding Sms: Good Marriage Wishes, Though Not Physically Present

Congratulations on your successful wedding ceremony, my dear. Distance, time and cost may have constrained me from being physically present, but they cannot stop my good wishes for you. May your marriage be fruitful, rewarding and enjoyable. May this union … Continue reading

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July Sms: Second (2nd) Half Good Wishes And Messages

July Sms Second (2nd) Half Good Wishes And Messages The 2nd Half of the year has begun! As time keeps ticking, keep recording remarkable progress. May your endeavours culminate into favourable outcomes. Happy new month! Happy July! Nnamonu Tochukwu. Teecee. It’s the … Continue reading

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Keep Dancing Your Unique Dance Through Life

If you only dance when everybody else is dancing, you may not be remembered at the peak of excitement. But if you dance even when nobody else sees a reason, you would be invited to lead the dance at the … Continue reading

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