Life: Things That I Love

Things That I Love

I love to think, because thinking makes me to understand myself and relate with myself better.

I love to talk, because talking is the easiest way to express my thoughts to the nearest person to me.

I love to listen to music, because music makes me feel good. Good beats sends good sensations through my body and they make me want to dance.

I love to dance, because dancing enables me to express my feelings and when my body movement resonates with the beautiful melody that music offers, the sweet sensations that I feel are amplified. I love dancing, because whether or not there’s anyone to watch me, I feel good.

I love to teach, because teaching enables me both to express my thoughts and to impact someone or some people with my thoughts. Having something to offer makes me relevant and teaching is one medium through which I can achieve that.

I love to see things done right, because seeing things done right makes me feel good. Feeling good makes life worth living. I can’t do everything by myself alone and so I’m happy to teach people the right way to do things or the way to discover how to get things done right. Teaching involves others in the business of creating positive changes and that is an efficient way with which more people can get involved with doing thing well.

I love to write!
I love to write!!
I really love to write, because writing makes me more precise.
I could think great thoughts, but putting them to writing makes me more exact.
Somebody once said; “reading makes a man, writing makes an exact man”.
I have experienced this myself.
I love to write, because writing makes me express my thoughts clearly.
I love to write, because writing makes my thought available for others to share.
I love wtiting, because witing enables me to teach numerous people without necessarily being in the same space with them.
I love writing because it is an effective teaching tool.
I love writing because it is an effective communication medium.

The things that I love are probably so numerous.
I can’t possibly mention the things that I love without mentioning writing.
If I was just talking to the person nearest to me, would you have reallized that I love writing?
Because I’m writing, you can experience my thoughts and that’s why I love writing.
The things that I love may be beautiful things, but I love them more when there is someone to share them with me.
Dancing happens to be among the things I love and when I share a dance with someone else, it really makes me feel better.
No matter how much I dance, you may never get to know, but because I love writing, my love for dance can be shared.
Writing is descriptive, writing can elaborate details.
Things that I love find expression through my writing.
I can keep writing or remain stuck, writing about writing, but that will mean that I will miss out on other things that I love.
I love writing, yet at this moment, I would have to concentrate on some other things that I love.
I did not forget to mention money, cars, cloths and houses.
They are among the things that I love.
I love expression and expressing myself meakes me feel real good.
When I express myself to myself, I feel very good. Yet, when I share my expression with others, the effect is amplified.
I may love money, cars, cloths and houses, but they are a secondary form of expression. I can express myself through my cars, but my smiles will be more precise.
I can express myself through my dance, but my words will be more precise.
I can express myself through words, by talking, but writing can keep it both concise and precise.
Reading makes a man, writing makes an exact man.
Things that I love, are so numerous, but I think I love expression.
I love to feel good, and making others feel good, makes me feel even better.
If the entire world feels good then I may feel best.
How can I make that happen? How can I get to feel best.
I want the world to feel good, feel free to tell me how.
The things that I love may make me feel good, what are the things that you love?

Nnamonu Tochukwu.


About teeceecounsel

Who am I really? Can that be defined yet? Probably by the time I'm long gone and all the pieces of my activities are compiled and analysed then you can know what you want to know about me. Meanwhile, I write. Not because I love writing but because I love people. I love to care and love to share. I'm a deep thinker and I love to believe in the impossible. The ideal is attainable and a shot at it must be given. Don't say 'It won't work' rather ask 'how will it work? Nobody is ever doomed unless they made the choice. To resist good and to adopt evil is already doom. To loose hope is to choose doom but to believe that every step is a passing phase leading towards your hope is to choose progress. I may go on and on but my posts say it all. I don't force you to agree, I only say enjoy!
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6 Responses to Life: Things That I Love

  1. festivalking says:

    YOu love to write alright TC.counsel πŸ˜‰ … good stuff!

  2. boomiebol says:

    Yep! Good stuff πŸ™‚

  3. …”I’m happy to teach people the right way to do things or the way to discover how to get things done right.” TOTALLY!!! I’ve always questioned who or what made me consider myself the right person to teach these young people how to speak and write correctly in English when I still make many mistakes, and now reading your words I understand that when I can’t teach them the RIGHT WAY I can very well guide them in the correct path of discovery, appreciation and desire to do things right!!! I also love to THINK and discover I still have questions which take me on my other favorite thing to do which is RESEARCH and ultimately leaving my newly acquired knowledge in WRITING…thank you for this fabulous food for thought, Alexandra

    • You are very unique, Alexandra! πŸ™‚
      Your words make me smile, because they assure me that there is someone making a difference somewhere. We may have our limited knowlege but we can discover more. We can teach to the limits of our comprehension, but we can point to the paths of discovery. We may feed our desire to know more, only to discover that there is no end to discovery. But that’s because we are humans; we require the contributions of others to complement our own. Collectively, our effort counts. Magnificient change is made possible through collaboration.

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