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Life: Things That I Love

Things That I Love I love to think, because thinking makes me to understand myself and relate with myself better. I love to talk, because talking is the easiest way to express my thoughts to the nearest person to me. … Continue reading

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Remember! We are only remembered for the things that we remembered to do and not necessarily the things that we intended. Dreams will only remain dreams until something is done about them. Unexpressed talents go to the grave unnoticed and … Continue reading

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Make A Choice

Beware of Indecision! Having the Ten most viable plans to accomplish a task without being able to make a choice is almost as good as not having a plan at all. If it takes you forever to make a choice, … Continue reading

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Awesome Sayings

I came across these awesome sayings on mysterycoach’s blog and I fell in love with them! Life offers us a lot of stuffs. Some are rocks and some are soft. We must not turn to rocks ourselves to survive because … Continue reading

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Creativity is Within you!

Creativity is Within you!.

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Creativity is Within you!

The more you express yourself, the better you get at what you do. Practice makes perfect in both skill development and building endurance. Every fast typist had to learn the positions of each alphabet on the keyboard and practice with … Continue reading

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