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Passion: Blogging From The Bulldozer

I’ve got a passion for blogging! Today’s daily prompt has motivated me to write about passion. Checkout the prompt: Daily Prompt: Blogger in a Strange Land Passion: Blogging From The Bulldozer I once had to compose and send a post … Continue reading

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Life: Things That I Love

Things That I Love I love to think, because thinking makes me to understand myself and relate with myself better. I love to talk, because talking is the easiest way to express my thoughts to the nearest person to me. … Continue reading

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BLOGGERS ARE ARTISTS AND SO ARE WRITERS “writers blog, bloggers post, posts are creative pieces and creative pieces are products of artists.” – Nnamonu Tochukwu. I am a writer and now a blogger. I write creative pieces and send them … Continue reading

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Assonance In Success Quote

QUOTE “Aspiration for sweet success is simply the sustaining structure seperating excellence from insolence.” Just a writing tip for aspiring poets and writers: Assonance is the repetition of vowel sounds in a line of poem; a rhyming of vowel sounds. … Continue reading

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3 Crucial Writing Skills We Always Forget to Teach

3 Crucial Writing Skills We Always Forget to Teach. I came across this sweet link about ways to teach writing and I couldn’t help but get excited. Very often, it takes a consious effort to think outside the box of … Continue reading

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Poem; Slow And Steady Wins The Race

Slow and steady wins the race, not withstanding the pace. Progress is foward movement, a twin sibling of advancement. Slow and steady wins the race, not minding what we face. It takes gradual development and steady improvement. Slow and steady … Continue reading

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I Love Writing

I love writing! Yes, I love to write. I just can’t express it but I really love to write. My love for writing, sometimes, seem to consume me. I get engrossed and lost when my love for writing calls. I … Continue reading

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Words Mean Much

Sometimes I’m a poet, sometimes I’m a philosopher, sometimes I’m just a narrator; pouring out my heart and my experiences. It’s not about the genre of literature neither is it the length or style of my write-ups. It’s much more … Continue reading

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