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Short Fiction: Our Table and The Entrance

Our Table And The Entrance What moment could ever be better than a round table session with straws in tumblers of chapman and the best of friends, in Chin Cherry Restraunt? Our table was positioned at the far left of … Continue reading

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Short Fiction/Poem: Little Eight Year Old Boy

SHORT FICTION/POEM LITTLE EIGHT-YEAR OLD BOY This little eight-year old boy is up in the ceiling again! He must be back to his usual pranks of rewiring fans and lights. He replaces connections to switches, I really wonder his gain. … Continue reading

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As A Man Thinketh

Knowest thou not that thy thoughts formeth impressions which createth illusions that thou referreth to as reality? If thou thinkesth that thou art in the midst of foes, thou shalt assume that every action emanateth from ill intension. Such manner … Continue reading

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My Umbrella

There was once a period that I spent most moments alone. I was determined to change my circumstances and I was certain that the people around me were consuming my time and resources at the expense of my own personal … Continue reading

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