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In The Face of Challenges

When faced with difficult situations or what we consider huge challenges, our disposition towards it determines how we will fare. Attitude, they say; is everything. There is the popular story of a nation that arrived enemy territory by sea and … Continue reading

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How To Have A Great Day

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    How To Have A Great  Day….. Get enough sleep…      Don’t forget those morning exercises…      Wash properly and everywhere…         Have a good stretch…      Don’t get out on the…

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Wreckless Delegation

This post was supposed to be put up yesterday but I slept off out of exhaustion. Every “today” in this post refers to 21/03/2012. Something happened today and I remembered my post ‘One Quote On Delegation‘ Construction on the site … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Believe Anyway:
When I was a kid, my mom was home with us full time. I looked forward to seeing her each day when I walked home. I never took the school bus, and I never had…

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Days of the week

Weeks come and go; and even though there is some kind of routine that makes every week similar, each week is unique in it’s own way! Sunday: this is the very first day of the week but it feels a … Continue reading

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Nature Agrees

One tired man came home last night! Yesterday started well with motivation and enthusiasm. I was determined to be myself and exhibit my uniqueness at any cost. I was up early, having in mind that there was work to do. … Continue reading

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