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Success Quotes

“Making up your mind to do a thing is one thing, doing it is another” a friend of mine once said “fearlessness is not the absence of fear but the ability to step out, despite the fear” “You may not … Continue reading

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Remember! We are only remembered for the things that we remembered to do and not necessarily the things that we intended. Dreams will only remain dreams until something is done about them. Unexpressed talents go to the grave unnoticed and … Continue reading

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Formwork For The Future

Without formwork, concrete would remain a shapeless pile. Without a building plan, blocks will remain heaped on the ground. Building requires faith and foresight. A number of bushes can become a palace if only someone can see beyond the present … Continue reading

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Make A Choice

Beware of Indecision! Having the Ten most viable plans to accomplish a task without being able to make a choice is almost as good as not having a plan at all. If it takes you forever to make a choice, … Continue reading

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Break Out

My thoughts have been hovering around the phrase “Break out”. Let me indulge you a little, it may help you too. BREAK OUT Have you ever been stuck, while with one who can help? Or have you been lost before … Continue reading

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Proper Planning

Proper planning saves time and resources! Think it through before making a move. Whatever you try to save by avoiding proper thinking, you will most likely pay for, with time and material, during implementation. Implementation is simple and straight foward … Continue reading


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