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Advice: Avoid Deception, Adopt Optimization

Advice Avoid Deception, Adopt Optimization The man who builds a life on deception is simply setting out a plan for destruction. To avoid activating ‘self-destruct’, simply be true to yourself. Structures built on unstable foundations are simply waiting for a … Continue reading

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Uniqeness Quote: Unique Solutions

“Unique situations require unique solutions.” -Nnamonu Tochukwu. We are all unique people, with unique perspectives and unique circumstances; our approaches to life must each be unique. Wisdom is the unique ability to recognize the unique opportunities that can be processed … Continue reading

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Inspiration: I am inspired

I am inspired! Yes, I am inspired. It may surprise you to know that at this moment, my inspiration is neither from a beautiful picture nor an amazing speech. This inspiration is neither from the complexity of a new solution, … Continue reading

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Quote: Focus On The Most Important Matters

Quote “Focus on the most important; the most important, matters most.” -Nnamonu Tochukwu. Teecee.

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Short Quote: Defining Moments

Quote Hopelessness lasts only a moment, but abundance lasts a lifetime; crisis may linger at crossroads but opportunities abound beyond defining moments. Nnamonu Tochukwu. Teecee.

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Food For Thought: What Is Your Choice For Monday?

FOOD FOR THOUGHT Why do you work on Monday? Is it because it is Monday? Or could it just be that you don’t have a choice? Does Monday yield more profit or does Monday give levereage? I’m feeling good this … Continue reading

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Poem: Unique Opinions Are Unique Perspectives

POEM Everybody is unique that may be why we get nervous. each person has a unique perspective that’s probably why stories are numerous! We don’t exactly know what to expect, occurences seem spontaneous. Each unique person has a unique idea, … Continue reading

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Poem; Easy As Pie Is Life

POEM Easy as pie is success in life for those who apply wisdom. Many may try and get frustrated without a single blossom. Easy as pie is fulfilment in life for those as brave as a lion. They may run … Continue reading

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Invest Time Today For A Beautiful Life Tomorrow

Time keeps ticking; tomorrow must meet us better placed than today. We can have a beautiful life! Time is a resource; it can accumulate assets and liabilities. Today offers time and so will tomorrow. Use your time well today and … Continue reading

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Wisdom Is An Open Secret

Wisdom Is An Open Secret Wisdom is synonymous with balance, balance is synonymous with compromise, compromise seems like reducing the standard or settling for less. Can wisdom mean settling for less? Shocking! The secret of wisdom is that it knows … Continue reading

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