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Friendship: Opportunities Have Value If Recognised

Value those that have become your friends without your effort. If you neglect them today, you may spend fortunes trying to have them back tomorrow. Even tears may not give you back a heart who’s love was neither reciprocated nor … Continue reading

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Meeting Targets: Substance or Number

There is a big difference between number and substance, especially when trying to meet targets. A single person can out-perform a crowd. Number is not necessarily the same as value. Volume does not necessarily mean value. Quantity is not necessarily … Continue reading

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The Philosophy Of Nothing: Nothing Matters

Nothing Matters Just ponder. This is neither theory no law; it is just philosophy! You could consider it as hypothesis for verification. Important things are forgotten, valuable things are lost, precious things fade away, yet, life goes on. Life began … Continue reading

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I love bloging! The reason is simple; I get to air my opinion without sentiments. Tender feelings and emotions often hinder tough lessons. People would rather defend themselves than accept a lesson. I once got inspired to compose a 160 … Continue reading

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True Beauty, True Value

The world obviously has it’s ways of evaluating beauty and value. Sometimes it’s good to stop and think rather than follow the crowd with their speculations and unrealistic ideologies. Many have commited suicide at the peak of financial success and … Continue reading

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