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Unity and Understanding; Keys to Collaboration

Uniformity is sameness. Unity is oneness. I would always prefer oneness to sameness, because if there were only pegs without holes, there would be nothing to complement the other. The body is made up of various parts, so is a … Continue reading

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Flower Poem: Together We Are Beautiful

Together we are beautiful Oh how simple beauty is, it has no logic but it has results. How sweet beauty makes me feel, without theories to explain it. Take a look at the petals, they assemble in union. A perfect … Continue reading

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Day 268 Question 268: What is your philosophy on love/relationships? And here we come back to the endless topic of love.  The other night I had a long conversation with a very…

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The Third Personality

Are you a man or a woman? Discover yourself! Man gives, woman receives. Together they build. Man gets to spend woman gets to save together they invest. Men keep catching and keep squandering but the moment a woman catches their … Continue reading

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Unity Versus Uniformity

Unity has to do with agreement, singleness and oneness. With unity many different things can form one thing. I choose to call that “diversity in unity”. Uniformity on the other hand deals with sameness and consistency. Neither variation nor change … Continue reading

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