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Haiku: Light brings awareness

Haiku Doubts quickly vanish thoughts and feelings become clear light brings awareness Nnamonu Tochukwu. Teecee. Haiku: Light brings awareness

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Chain Reaction

Have you ever noticed that life is a chain reaction? Wondering how? Have you ever heard the saying that what goes around comes around? That’s a chain reaction. The thoughts we habour influence our actions. Our individual values shape our … Continue reading

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Quotes And Questions: Who Are You?

Quotes And Questions Our mouths speak from the deposits accumulated in our hearts. Our hearts contain the elements or the molecules of our being. How do you talk? What do you say? Your words and actions express your thoughts. Your … Continue reading

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Value Thoughts, Think Continuously And Cause Positive Change By Thinking

THINK FOR YOURSELF, your thoughts matter much. Care for your thoughts, they are delicate. Use your thoughts well, they are relevant. Apply your thoughts appropriately; they are very powerful. Guard your thoughts with diligence, they give life a meaning. Play … Continue reading

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Find Your Dreams

Everybody has a dream naturally. Many are aware and many are not. The fact that you’ve ever felt threathened, hurt or abused is proof that you have some dreams to defend. The fact that you’ve ever felt excited, hopeful and … Continue reading

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Sweet September

It’s a new month! New months always come with new challenges and purposes for us. My desire for you, that is now dear to me by reading this post, is that you: receive fresh insight, new strength, exceptional wisdom, unwavering … Continue reading

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Add To Yourself Everyday

If new clothes make you look better, new words would give you better expresion and new thoughts will make you better. It is popularly said; “as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he” Add to yourself everyday, that’s … Continue reading

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