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Criticism Or Clarity?

Originally posted on It's a New Day…:
Day 256 Question 256: How do you handle criticism/judgment? This may sound silly but I don’t understand how people can express their points of view vocally with so much ease.  Even through…

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Money Versus All Things

Money versus all things, seems to be life‘s most major game! I’ll seperate money from all things and give them a thorough thought analysis. I’ll set each aside and figure out which is more outstanding. Money is not everything but … Continue reading

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As A Man Thinketh

Knowest thou not that thy thoughts formeth impressions which createth illusions that thou referreth to as reality? If thou thinkesth that thou art in the midst of foes, thou shalt assume that every action emanateth from ill intension. Such manner … Continue reading

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Think Your Own Thoughts

Take charge of your mind! A thought just crossed my mind. It is related to Wasted Thought. But this time around, it has to do with channeling or directing our thoughts to the very things that we desire them to … Continue reading

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There’s Something More To Do

It takes quality time to get quality things done. Put in some extra effort if you want to make a difference. Some more thought, some more energy, some more time, some more concentration, some more… may just be all you … Continue reading

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Think, Realize And Impact

The world’s greatest thinkers were never heard because they never uttered a word! Many men have thought of wealth, power and fame. Among these men, a few played their roles well and got the reward, many spoke about their dreams … Continue reading

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Wasted Thought

Why think without evaluating? Why dream without pursuing? Why have visualization without realization? Why habour imagination without implementation? If thoughts are the seeds that grow reality, why waste them? If dreams form the world of eternity, try taste them! If … Continue reading


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Perfection exists and can be attained: You are the perfect person for this perfect time and in that perfect place! Think the perfect thoughts, speak the perfect words and do the perfect things with whatever is available to you. Keep … Continue reading

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