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Little Wins Are Worth Celebrating

Are you among those that usually get discouraged when you don’t win in a competition after putting in so much effort? Have you not realized that you enjoy a certain level of satisfaction with each milestone that you cross in … Continue reading

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Lack of Maintenance and Upgrade Drives You Backwards.

Lack of maintenance and upgrade wouldn’t just leave you static, it keeps you behind because others are moving ahead. There’s always something that keeps you going or even gives you an edge. It could be a tool, a skill, a … Continue reading

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Extraordinary results come from a little extra of ordinary things

Extraordinary results come from doing a little extra of ordinary things consistently. When a hard rock, so difficult to crack, finally gives in at the 25th blow of a hammer, you will certainly agree with me that the 25th blow … Continue reading

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Bearing Grudges Does More Harm Than Good

For how long do you think that you can hold on to grudges without missing out on opportunities or privileges? Grudges in themselves are huge burdens that becloud your regular sense of judgment. Your aggression or intention to retaliate is … Continue reading

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Beautiful Sms For A Beauty

Beautiful Day Sms For A Beauty I came across a beautiful lady recently. Nancy is her name. Though I have not spent a lot of time with her, I can tell from the few conversations we have had, that she … Continue reading

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Sms: Appreciation Of Birthday Wishes

Brief Birthday Appreciation Sms I sincerely want to appreciate you for making my day. Your thoughtfulness in expressing your good wishes, means much to me. May favour grace your path! Thanks. -Teecee. Nnamonu Tochukwu. Sms: Appreciation Of Birthday Wishes

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There Is No Future In Giving Up

What future is there, in giving up? How often have you heared stories about how people gave up, just before they reached their expectation? Are you in the habit of truncating processes simply because you did not encounter your desired … Continue reading

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There Is Always A Reason To Be Grateful

What is your view about being grateful? I’ve given some thought to gratefulness. Gratefulness has more to do with the disposition of our hearts and our feelings than the words we say for formality or scribble on the cards we … Continue reading

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Wise Counsel On relationships

Wise counsel on relationships simply refers to tips or good advice that provide guidance, assistance or direction towards attaining success in regards to relationships. Man does not live in isolation, as a result, everyone is involved in one relationship or … Continue reading

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Why Pray? What Prayer Does For Me

Have you considered what it means to pray? What my own prayer does for me: -it drives my fears away from me -it helps me stand when others fall -it gives me hope when hope is lost -with God all … Continue reading

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