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The Best Way To Change Is To Change

Every child is born naked and virtually helpless. No, I should rather say; totally dependent. It takes quite a while before we begin to notice signs that the child can respond to visuals or audios. Crying and sleeping seems to … Continue reading

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Excellence Brings Lasting Solutions

Lasting solutions are not arrived at hastily. Establishing solutions that outlive a generation often requires massive mental input. Are you willing to take the necessary action to annihiliate all of those cumbersome challenges? Think it through and be conversant with … Continue reading

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The Interaction Of Senses

Sweet sounds simply stay safe in my mind while warm words would wilfuly weld my thoughts. Mild but effective, slow but powerful, soft yet intense. Control does not necessarily mean force but it sure sounds like it. Guidance may, on … Continue reading

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The Third Personality

Are you a man or a woman? Discover yourself! Man gives, woman receives. Together they build. Man gets to spend woman gets to save together they invest. Men keep catching and keep squandering but the moment a woman catches their … Continue reading

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Live Your Own Life

Never live another man’s life! Life to you must not be what it is to me. Life to one is the movies he has watched. Yet, to another, it’s the songs he has heard. Would you be surprised to know … Continue reading

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Panic, Doubt And Fear

Root them out! Life goes on, we keep growing, and things keep happening. In all of these, I seem to agree with the majority that; the only constant thing is change! Among the numerous things that change are information and … Continue reading

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Success Quotes

“Making up your mind to do a thing is one thing, doing it is another” a friend of mine once said “fearlessness is not the absence of fear but the ability to step out, despite the fear” “You may not … Continue reading

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