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Quote: Focus On The Most Important Matters

Quote “Focus on the most important; the most important, matters most.” -Nnamonu Tochukwu. Teecee.

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Quotes: Best Time, Best Practices And Best Results

Quotes The best time to do a thing is at the best time. Certain things are not worth doing as long as the time-frame for doing them have ellapsed. Most ventures have a best time, a best approach and probably … Continue reading

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Poem; Easy As Pie Is Life

POEM Easy as pie is success in life for those who apply wisdom. Many may try and get frustrated without a single blossom. Easy as pie is fulfilment in life for those as brave as a lion. They may run … Continue reading

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Invest Time Today For A Beautiful Life Tomorrow

Time keeps ticking; tomorrow must meet us better placed than today. We can have a beautiful life! Time is a resource; it can accumulate assets and liabilities. Today offers time and so will tomorrow. Use your time well today and … Continue reading

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If a word is enough for the wise, then I really don’t need to use more than one. Succeed! Nnamonu Tochukwu. Teecee.

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I Will Not Settle For Less; To Fail Or To Succeed

Starting sweet may make you stay but how often will life do that? We often feel bad when we fail. We fail when we do things that we are not supposed to do. We also fail when we do not … Continue reading

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Excellence Is A Key To Success

See excellence from my own view! Excellence simply means; settling for nothing less than simply the very best. Excellence is neither just a result nor an outcome; it is rather a mindset or an attitude. Excellence aims at the highest … Continue reading

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