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Masks Conceal Secrets But They Neither Heal Wounds Nor Pains

Are you aware of the masks we wear? It is my conviction that you better be. How on earth can I know the real you? Are you just trying to please me or ensuring that you don’t displease me? Why … Continue reading

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As A Man Thinketh

Knowest thou not that thy thoughts formeth impressions which createth illusions that thou referreth to as reality? If thou thinkesth that thou art in the midst of foes, thou shalt assume that every action emanateth from ill intension. Such manner … Continue reading

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You Are Unique!

You’ve got your own special set of teeth. It sure affects the way you greet. You’ve got your own style of smile. That’s why we recognize you from a mile. The steps you take, the dress you make, the way … Continue reading

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Efficiency Quote

“There is always a more strategic style, a more effective tool or a more efficient approach in doing what you do. Don’t hesitate to find it nor be reluctant to change but hold in high esteem how you got to … Continue reading

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Everyone has their style their own likes and dislikes. Whether you love to try or to give up and cry this tip you must hold high: be ready to change your style. You may be good with words or even … Continue reading

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