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Changes That Make A Difference

Most of us are accustomed to norms, and that is why we can be identified by or associated with culture. It takes emancipation from mental slavery, acculturation and proactivity to make a difference. Changes make a difference! Making a difference … Continue reading

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Teaching, Learning, Society And Philosophy Of Life

If teaching is the promotion of learning, the art of impacting knowledge, a process of inducing learning or the process by which a teacher guides learners in the acquisition of knowlege, skills and attitudes, while philosophy is the sum of … Continue reading

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Life consists of diverse issues. Each issue has numerous dimensions, intensities and variations. Problems and solutions are derived from issues. Demand and supply is based on issues. Boredom and excitement are manipulated by issues. Issues and our interpretation of issues … Continue reading


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Chain Reaction

Have you ever noticed that life is a chain reaction? Wondering how? Have you ever heard the saying that what goes around comes around? That’s a chain reaction. The thoughts we habour influence our actions. Our individual values shape our … Continue reading

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Life: Unique Values, Combinations, Reactions And Results

According to science, diffusion is the movement of particles from area of high concentration to area of low concentration. Reaction, on the other hand, is the combination of two or more substances to form one or more other substances with … Continue reading

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Poem: I Wish I Were Wishing All Of These

POEM I Wish I Were Wishing All Of These I wish I were able to do all I wished I probably would have been married by sixteen. I would have had my fleet of jets at age twelve. I would … Continue reading

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Children are beautiful gifts of life. Children are so much fun to be with. Children smile, children cry, but their presence keeps adults on their toes. With children around, adults are up and doing. In the company of children, adults … Continue reading

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Do you want to be free? Walk away!

Most times, we stay bound because of the fear of freedom, not necessarily that we don’t know the way out. We ask ourselves questions like: How will I cope? Where will I go from here? What if things don’t work … Continue reading

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