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Quote: How To Identify Importance, Relevance And Significance

Quote “Until everything else becomes insignificant, it is almost impossible to identify the most significant”. Nnamonu Tochukwu. Teecee. A short, simple and clear quote on how to decide, determine or decipher prioriry, importance, relevance, focus, decision, direction, choice, uniqueness, significance, … Continue reading

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Birthday Sms: Stand Out

Birthday Sms/Text message Happy birthday, dear! Stand out in all you do and do all you stand out in. May your relevance, influence and productivity be undisputably significant. May your contribution towards individual and global development be enormously magnificient. Find … Continue reading

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Birthday SMS

May your life be radiant & beautiful! Be distinguished with excellence, relevance & productivity in all ramifications! Enjoy health & wealth! Happy Birthday! Nnamonu Tochukwu. Teecee.

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Birthday; Everyday’s Relevance

As each block has a role to play in erecting a structure; so does everyday of your life have it’s relevance. May your past enable you to utilize the present to make your future exceptionally beautiful and sweet. You have … Continue reading

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The Stranded Genius

It takes a lot to be unique, exceptional, independent, self reliant and a genius. These qualities could sometimes lead to pride and loneliness on your part or envy and jealousy on the part of those around. If not properly carried, … Continue reading

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Why Treat All Men Equal?

[Allocating The Right Proportion] Whoever said everyone should be treated equal? Please never waste your precious time trying to force your precious words on people who are not willing to hear. Everyone is unique and it has it’s consequences. Just … Continue reading

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There Is Room For Leverage

Whoever said you can’t do many things at the same time? Focus can help you fix everything about something crucial but leverage can help you fix something crucial about everything. Always focus on the essence. Without influence, you’ll always walk … Continue reading

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Becoming A Star

Many times we feel discouraged that people don’t identify with us. We feel so sure that we have something sound and fascinating to offer but nobody seems interested. We go all out to publicize and create awareness how we know … Continue reading

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