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The Crowd, The Majority And The Masses

Do we stand by our words? Do we practice what we believe? Are we consistently influenced by the crowd, the majority and the masses? If we believe in generosity and hospitality, why do we decline from practicing them for either … Continue reading

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Questions: Why Am I Doing What I Am Doing?

Questions Is it because it is the best thing? Is it because others approve it? Is it because it is in vogue? Is it because it is easy? Is it true that the majority may not always be right? Is … Continue reading

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Quotes And Questions: Who Are You?

Quotes And Questions Our mouths speak from the deposits accumulated in our hearts. Our hearts contain the elements or the molecules of our being. How do you talk? What do you say? Your words and actions express your thoughts. Your … Continue reading

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Food For Thought: What Is Your Choice For Monday?

FOOD FOR THOUGHT Why do you work on Monday? Is it because it is Monday? Or could it just be that you don’t have a choice? Does Monday yield more profit or does Monday give levereage? I’m feeling good this … Continue reading

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What’s That Thing That Makes You Feel Right?

What’s that thing you love, that makes you feel just right? What’s that thing that seizes your attention for hours and you still feel good afterwards? What’s that thing that could keep you from eating? What’s that thing that you’ll … Continue reading


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Where Will I Go Today?

Where will I go today? Should I seek solitude, meet the multitude, grow my gratitude or analyse atitude? Where will I go today? To where others go? To put up a show? To just spoil my flow? or to just … Continue reading

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Work It Out If It’s Worth It

Are You Tired? Is your pursuit worthwhile? Are their benefits if you accomplish? Are you satisfied with your current perfomance? Will you be more fulfilled if you finish? Would you prefer to remain at this level or to reach your … Continue reading

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Your Boss or You?

Who is in charge of your life? Why do you leave your house every morning? What is your motivation and drive? Do you find yourself complaining? Was it not the choice you made? Didn’t you sign up for it? How … Continue reading

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