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Distractions Are Avoidable With Focus and Discipline

Do you actually think that you didn’t have an option when you were distracted? The real situation is more likely that you were not focused on your priority. It takes a lot of discipline to identify what’s most important to … Continue reading

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Health Sms: Government Or Self Responsibility

Is access to medical care something that governments should provide, or is it better left to the private sector? Are there drawbacks to your choice? Daily Prompt: Right to Health Health Sms My dear, If your health is important to … Continue reading

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Loving Enemies

Your enemies are not only those that hate you but also those whose presence or actions set you back, whether or not they love you. Stay away from them or atleast, keep them an arms length. Not every sweet thing … Continue reading

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Time and Money

Wise men spend money to save time, others spend time to save money. Be wise; life is measured in time, not money. Good use of time can generate money as well as any dream whatsoever but no amount of money … Continue reading

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Set Your Priorities Right!

“All things don’t weigh the same! Give more attention to the things that matter most so that in due season, you will be among those that matter most. Set your priorities right!” -Nnamonu Tochukwu.

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Let’s go there!

The mind is still the most powerful tool to harness any kind of result desired. With it you can attract feelings, moods, countenances, arrangements, patterns, structure, relationships, wealth, abundance, tangible and intangible substances. It works by conseptuallizing, focusing and staying … Continue reading


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