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Finding Hope

Life is always beautiful when we see a beautiful future. Seeing a beautiful future is simply hope. Hope is beautiful. Hope awakens possibilities and keeps dreams alive. Hope shatters the grip of the past and lights the path to the … Continue reading

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Panic, Doubt And Fear

Root them out! Life goes on, we keep growing, and things keep happening. In all of these, I seem to agree with the majority that; the only constant thing is change! Among the numerous things that change are information and … Continue reading

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There Can’t Be Progress Without Direction

There can’t be progress without direction. One may be putting in so much effort but if they are not directed towards any particular thing, it will amount to nothing. Working hard without a goal or a plan keeps one at … Continue reading

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Rejection Rejected

Rejecting rejection is very possible, getting that done is to have gotten rejection rejected. Getting no for an answer is what many consider as rejection and it is not the end of the world! Not every cause is worth a … Continue reading

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