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Love In Person

Originally posted on Barefoot Baroness:
~ 2013~ Let Peace Begin With Me this very first day of 2013. It is a concept I have long believed in and I want to practice more than any other in my multi- beliefs…

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Questions: Why Am I Doing What I Am Doing?

Questions Is it because it is the best thing? Is it because others approve it? Is it because it is in vogue? Is it because it is easy? Is it true that the majority may not always be right? Is … Continue reading

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Peace Blessing: Enjoy Peace Within

Peace Blessing I speak peace to your heart, light to your path and calmness to your storms. May your worries, anxieties and fears be still. May all the courage, wisdom and joy that you desire begin to spring from within … Continue reading

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Life Sms: Morning Blessing

LIFE Morning Blessing Awake today in anticipation of peace, love and joy! May the winds be calm and the intensity of the sun be mild. May your endeavours be smooth and fruitful. Good morning! Nnamonu Tochukwu. Teece. Life Sms: Morning … Continue reading

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Three Big Deceivers In Life: Pride, Impression, Insensitivity

In life, people are either distracted or deceived into misfortune, or so I think. If really there is a devil that prowls around for prey and seeking who to destroy, then his greatest weapons are distraction and deception. Don’t fall … Continue reading

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Philosophy/Psychology: Faith, Reasoning, Results And Perfection

“When you have done all that you can do, and your effort is unable to produce your desired result, believe! Believing increases your capacity.” Nnamonu Tochukwu. Teecee. I’m pondering on some of my assumptions. What do you think of them? … Continue reading


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The Operation Manual In The Heart

In my opinion, each and every one of us, is configured uniquely, but not without an operation manual. I wrote this post as a response to Day 283 Question 283. You can click the link to view it. I just … Continue reading

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Recognize Yourself: Fulfilment, Peace And Self Discovery, Support/Enhance Each Other

Life’s Secrets To Self Discovery And Peace Recognize yourself! Imitating others will not grant you the fulfilment that you crave. How will you recognize yourself if you have not discovered yourself? Discover yourself! Attempting the ventures of others will not … Continue reading

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