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Life: Bitter And Sweet, Pain Or Pleasure.

Bitter And Sweet Are Two Extremes Of The Same String. Some people prefer their coffee black, while some others prefer cream. Some people love to exercise, while some others consider exercise as stress. Life may have it’s ups and downs … Continue reading

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What Is Your Expectation? Hope For The Best!

Our expectations matter a lot! We’ve got to be consistently hopeful. There are times that our circumstances or experiences may seem so overwhelming. Sometimes they may be exhilarating, at other times, they may be exasperating. What ever the case is, … Continue reading


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Masks Conceal Secrets But They Neither Heal Wounds Nor Pains

Are you aware of the masks we wear? It is my conviction that you better be. How on earth can I know the real you? Are you just trying to please me or ensuring that you don’t displease me? Why … Continue reading

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Don’t Stop Now!

Continuing makes you more likely to get there than quitting. It is better to endure momentary pain in order to enjoy perpetual pleasure than to enjoy momentary pleasure and end up remaining in perpetual pain. Don’t stop now! -Nnamonu Tochukwu. … Continue reading

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