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Transformation Quote: Faith Changes Reality

Transformation Quote Faith Changes Reality Transformation does more than merely changing behaviour; it changes nature. Faith transforms. Faith changes convictions, convictions change perception and perception changes reality. Reality is how we think and feel about the things that we encounter. … Continue reading

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Nature, Behaviour, Design, Designer and Change

The behaviour of a thing is dependent on the design. A screw is designed to be screwed and a clip is designed to be clipped. The only way to permanently change your behaviour is by changing your design. The only … Continue reading

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Life Sms: Beautiful Flower Bush

Life Sms Beautiful Flower Bush Imagine the beauty of a flower bush! Lovely red and yellow petals, mixed with green leaves, resting on ash sterms and the brown soil! Life is beautiful because you add your own unique colour! Nnamonu … Continue reading

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Unity Versus Uniformity

Unity has to do with agreement, singleness and oneness. With unity many different things can form one thing. I choose to call that “diversity in unity”. Uniformity on the other hand deals with sameness and consistency. Neither variation nor change … Continue reading

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The Very Best Design

Birds fly! I don’t know how. Have you tried flying with fixed wings? I doubt if they would even lift you off the ground. Flying is natural to birds, they just do it! Man stands on two feet. Short feet, … Continue reading

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