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Happy Married Life Message To You; My Friend

My friend, I put a call across to my mum to let her know that I will be stopping by to fix some things in the house. She was excited but mentioned that I might only be able to see … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Thoughts for Growth:
Yesterday I was involved in an in-depth conversation about love: what it’s philosophy(ies) is (are), the perceived psychology behind it and what appears to be its reality.  While thoroughly engrossed in this conversation, I…

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Marriage Sms: Happy Married Life

Marriage Sms/Text Message May this union be the begining of greater heights for you. May your societal & universal relevance continue to increase. Two are better than one. Congratulations! Happy Married Life! Nnamonu Tochukwu. Teecee. A friend of mine just … Continue reading

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Five Reasons Why A Marriage Does Not Remain As Colourful As The Wedding That Instituted It

1) Most men and women that get married, often assume that feelings will always remain the same. They hokd unto the illusions of “love at first sight”. Commitment to a spouse is hinged on love that goes beyond feelings. 2) … Continue reading

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The True Meaning Of Love

The true meaning of love is an important subject which we must not neglect, if we desire to find fulfilment in life. Love seems to have many definitions these days. It is obviously one word that keeps being surrounded by … Continue reading

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Is There A Special One For Me?

Is there someone special for everyone? This is a simple question but may not depict what I mean. Is there a special someone for each of everyone? The rephrase may sound awkward but it depicts what I mean. It may … Continue reading

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Many may have thought me a philosopher or better still a mathematician or writer. My About and My Philosophies may have even served as concrete evidence to back-up the thought. Yet, by discipline, I’m simply an Engineer; a Civil Engineer … Continue reading

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