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Changes That Make A Difference

Most of us are accustomed to norms, and that is why we can be identified by or associated with culture. It takes emancipation from mental slavery, acculturation and proactivity to make a difference. Changes make a difference! Making a difference … Continue reading

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Quote: Different And Difference

Quote “To make a diffence, one has to be different”. -Nnamonu Tochukwu. Quote: Different And Difference

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Excellence Brings Lasting Solutions

Lasting solutions are not arrived at hastily. Establishing solutions that outlive a generation often requires massive mental input. Are you willing to take the necessary action to annihiliate all of those cumbersome challenges? Think it through and be conversant with … Continue reading


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There Can’t Be Progress Without Direction

There can’t be progress without direction. One may be putting in so much effort but if they are not directed towards any particular thing, it will amount to nothing. Working hard without a goal or a plan keeps one at … Continue reading

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