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Poem: What Is Your Stand In Life?

What Is Your Stand In Life? If life were to be literature, in which genre would you speciallize? Would you write narratives, scripts or poems? If you were a playwrite, what would be your theme, who would be your characters … Continue reading

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Poem: I Wish I Were Wishing All Of These

POEM I Wish I Were Wishing All Of These I wish I were able to do all I wished I probably would have been married by sixteen. I would have had my fleet of jets at age twelve. I would … Continue reading

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Poem: Life goes on

POEM LIFE GOES ON Whether I sleep or I dance, life goes on. Whether I’m ashamed or amazed, life goes on. Time keeps ticking and dates keep changing; life goes on. Day turns to night and night turns to day, … Continue reading

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Few Words Of Love, To Express The Way I Feel

FEW WORDS OF LOVE A few words to cheer you up today: SPECIAL: Thats how I think of you. UNIQUE: That’s how I see you. INTERESTING: That’s how I feel you. THANKFUL: That’s how you sound to me. All four … Continue reading

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Assonance In Success Quote

QUOTE “Aspiration for sweet success is simply the sustaining structure seperating excellence from insolence.” Just a writing tip for aspiring poets and writers: Assonance is the repetition of vowel sounds in a line of poem; a rhyming of vowel sounds. … Continue reading

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Poem; Slow And Steady Wins The Race

Slow and steady wins the race, not withstanding the pace. Progress is foward movement, a twin sibling of advancement. Slow and steady wins the race, not minding what we face. It takes gradual development and steady improvement. Slow and steady … Continue reading

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I Love Writing

I love writing! Yes, I love to write. I just can’t express it but I really love to write. My love for writing, sometimes, seem to consume me. I get engrossed and lost when my love for writing calls. I … Continue reading

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