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Smile And Feel Good

Smile and feel good! A smile triggers good feelings for all the parties involved. A smile boosts confidence, both for the one who exudes it and the one who beholds it. A smile sparks up interest. A smile introduces admiration. … Continue reading

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Yesterday Is History, Today Is Present And Tomorrow is Mystery

Have you given some thought to life with respect to yesterday, today and tomorrow? Some people have. Such people have inspired me today to put my own thoughts to it. I came across a beautiful quote today and in response … Continue reading

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Life Sms: Beautiful Flower Bush

Life Sms Beautiful Flower Bush Imagine the beauty of a flower bush! Lovely red and yellow petals, mixed with green leaves, resting on ash sterms and the brown soil! Life is beautiful because you add your own unique colour! Nnamonu … Continue reading

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Life Is Beautiful, Share What You Think Of It’s Beauty

Life Is Beautiful! Share what you think of it’s beauty! Life is beautiful from a certain perspective. Life is beautiful, I wonder how many people know. It is full of pretty colours and lots of lovely sounds. It has enjoyable … Continue reading

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Life Is Beautiful!

From a distance, the mountains meet with the skies and their union looks so cool. Trees of green and soils of brown look so good in their different shades. The mild breeze blows and the sun’s warmth flows, giving a … Continue reading

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