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Thinking Rhyme Lines

Time keeps ticking whether or not you’re working. Just as eyes keep blinking even when you’re not winking. Avoid unnecessary talking; it gives room for mocking. Neither exhaust yourself hawking, nor stay put like a pumkin. Anybody can go hiking … Continue reading

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Hold Up

Do you get caught up in a hold up from time to time? Why run ahead of others only to get into a jam and be eventually overtaken? Life is full of routes and destinations, you’ve got to be exceptional … Continue reading

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Be Strategic

It is easier to get better at things that you are good at than to get good at things that you are bad at. In mathematics, the higher the probability of a thing, the more likely it’s chances of occurance. … Continue reading

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There Is Room For Leverage

Whoever said you can’t do many things at the same time? Focus can help you fix everything about something crucial but leverage can help you fix something crucial about everything. Always focus on the essence. Without influence, you’ll always walk … Continue reading

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