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The Power Of Habit

Let us briefly explore my opinion on the power of habit. “The more you do a thing, the better you get at it.” Doing a thing consistently, reduces resistance, minimizes complacency/nonchalance and increases interest, towards that particular thing. An understanding … Continue reading

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Value Thoughts, Think Continuously And Cause Positive Change By Thinking

THINK FOR YOURSELF, your thoughts matter much. Care for your thoughts, they are delicate. Use your thoughts well, they are relevant. Apply your thoughts appropriately; they are very powerful. Guard your thoughts with diligence, they give life a meaning. Play … Continue reading

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Be Strategic

It is easier to get better at things that you are good at than to get good at things that you are bad at. In mathematics, the higher the probability of a thing, the more likely it’s chances of occurance. … Continue reading

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A Good Leader Knows The Balance

When a leader walks, others follow. There is no talisman for the trick. A true leader knows the balance! To know your right is one thing and to use it is another. The greatest of men are those who have … Continue reading

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Check Yourself

Sometimes you’ve got to pause and check yourself! “Whenever you find yourself alone, check whether you drove everyone else away or whether you withdrew from them.” -Nnamonu Tochukwu. “Character is the quality that will retain or pursue the people that … Continue reading

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The Ideal Friend!

If I had a friend that would be there for me, just when I wanted, that would smile, precisely when I need a smile, that would hug me, the very moment I’ll seek a hug and would speak a word … Continue reading

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One Quote On Delegation

If you delegate a task that would cost you a fortune if mismanaged, be sure that it is in reliable hands or keep a fortune aside in case of damages. -Nnamonu Tochukwu.

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Think, Realize And Impact

The world’s greatest thinkers were never heard because they never uttered a word! Many men have thought of wealth, power and fame. Among these men, a few played their roles well and got the reward, many spoke about their dreams … Continue reading

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