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Find Your Own Success

Success is neither static nor universal. Success is personal. What you consider as your success may not be what I consider as my success. What you also consider as my success may not be what I consider as mine. Success … Continue reading

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I Will Not Settle For Less; To Fail Or To Succeed

Starting sweet may make you stay but how often will life do that? We often feel bad when we fail. We fail when we do things that we are not supposed to do. We also fail when we do not … Continue reading

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These are secrets because though many seem to know, they don’t seem to understand. Or could it be that they understand but it’s too hard to implement? Whatever the case is; whatever is worth knowing is worth knowing well. I’ve … Continue reading

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Don’t be stuck in intentions, get beyond!

I often wonder why our intentions are not proportional to our implementations! A good number of times we come in contact with certain opportunities and we quickly imagine beautiful things that we would do to harness them. We generate mind-blowing … Continue reading

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