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What Is Your Expectation? Hope For The Best!

Our expectations matter a lot! We’ve got to be consistently hopeful. There are times that our circumstances or experiences may seem so overwhelming. Sometimes they may be exhilarating, at other times, they may be exasperating. What ever the case is, … Continue reading

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There Is No Future In Giving Up

What future is there, in giving up? How often have you heared stories about how people gave up, just before they reached their expectation? Are you in the habit of truncating processes simply because you did not encounter your desired … Continue reading

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Poem: Hope And The Progress Process

Poem Hope And The Progress Process At some point I could only crawl but right now I can stand up tall. Whoever said you can only do ten? Don’t forget that everyone can learn! Once upon a time, you were … Continue reading

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The End Can Only Be Beautiful

The issue on most minds now seems to be the end of days. I’ve heard rumors, I’ve seen status updates on facebook and I’ve come across blog posts that either made me smile or think about the end. Have you … Continue reading

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Question/Quote: Hopeless Situation

Quote “How could you conclude that the situation is hopeless, without attempting to exhaust the various ideas that you accumulated?” Nnamonu Tochukwu. Teecee. Question/Quote: Hopeless Situation.

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Life’s Little Beginnings For A Fruitful Future

Life may seem so challenging that we begin to wonder what the future holds. Don’t be discouraged, it is just a passing phase. “Tough times don’t last, tough people do”. When a seed falls to the ground and dies; it … Continue reading

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Hope Leads To Every Destination

Hope Leads The Way To Every Destination With hope you can reach your destination. Enduring a hopless plight is a loop of misery, enjoying an endless path is like a life without hope, which is the same as going nowhere … Continue reading

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