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Appreciation Sms; My Definition Of A Miracle

APPRECIATION SMS/TEXT MESSAGE Words cannot express how much I appreciate you. Your act of kindness perfectly matches my definition of a miracle. Your seemingly little gifts are great! Nnamonu Tochukwu. Teecee. A friend of mine surprised me yesterday. She gave … Continue reading


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Yesterday Is History, Today Is Present And Tomorrow is Mystery

Have you given some thought to life with respect to yesterday, today and tomorrow? Some people have. Such people have inspired me today to put my own thoughts to it. I came across a beautiful quote today and in response … Continue reading

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My Birthday Haiku

MY BIRTHDAY HAIKU Feelings words can’t portray, hopeful and expectant; my birthday today!

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The Very Best Design

Birds fly! I don’t know how. Have you tried flying with fixed wings? I doubt if they would even lift you off the ground. Flying is natural to birds, they just do it! Man stands on two feet. Short feet, … Continue reading

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The Gift Or The Heart?

Which is of more value; the gift or the heart? What determines the worth of a present? Is it the price or the intension of the one who offers it? On special days as this (The Valentine’s day) lots of … Continue reading

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The Mathematics of Love

Love is life! If love equals life then life equals love! If I love, then I live, if I live, then I love. How be it that people live and when you peep you don’t see love? Such is not … Continue reading

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