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Advice: Beauty, Admiration, Standards And Self Optimization

If beauty is in the eye of the beholder then it would vary from beholder to beholder. You really don’t have to pattern yourself to match the description of any particular person’s fancy. Optimize yourself to your best personal description … Continue reading

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Three Big Deceivers In Life: Pride, Impression, Insensitivity

In life, people are either distracted or deceived into misfortune, or so I think. If really there is a devil that prowls around for prey and seeking who to destroy, then his greatest weapons are distraction and deception. Don’t fall … Continue reading

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Recognize Yourself: Fulfilment, Peace And Self Discovery, Support/Enhance Each Other

Life’s Secrets To Self Discovery And Peace Recognize yourself! Imitating others will not grant you the fulfilment that you crave. How will you recognize yourself if you have not discovered yourself? Discover yourself! Attempting the ventures of others will not … Continue reading

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Birthday Sms: Stand Out

Birthday Sms/Text message Happy birthday, dear! Stand out in all you do and do all you stand out in. May your relevance, influence and productivity be undisputably significant. May your contribution towards individual and global development be enormously magnificient. Find … Continue reading

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Birthday Sms; Incredible Heights

You will always attain; Incredible heights, amazing joy and inexplicable fulfilment, in everything you do and everywhere you go throughout life. Happy Birthday! Nnamonu Tochukwu. Teecee.

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Can You Handle What You Accept?

Can you handle what you accept? Are you responsible for the things you complain about? Are you the cause of your problem? I have seen things; things that we see everyday. But detached from my routine, I see things differently. … Continue reading

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Find Your Own Success

Success is neither static nor universal. Success is personal. What you consider as your success may not be what I consider as my success. What you also consider as my success may not be what I consider as mine. Success … Continue reading

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Fix It Quick

It feels good! I did it! Yes I did it and I feel good about it! I thought to myself: “I would only make another post if I make remarkable progress with reading the posts I ought to!” I’m done, … Continue reading

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