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Friends Contribute To Learning

Have you ever considered the relationship between frienship and learning? REACT…to old friendships, inspired me to consider the contributions of friendship to learning. All I know today is as a cummulative result of the virtues I picked from both experiences … Continue reading

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Life Sms: Your Choices, Your Friends And Your Future

Life Sms / Short Text Message Your present choices affect your future. Tomorrow will be beautiful if you stop yesterday from distracting you today. Make the best choice in each step of the way. Choose your friends wisely too, their … Continue reading

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What Would You Want To Be Remembered For?

A friend of mine would be leaving for another country in less than a week from today. A get together was organized today, in her honour, and I attended with a few friends. A lot was said about her and … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Sharing Thoughts:
What are friends there for? If not for, care, Concern and adulation. For being comfortable, In silence and in communication. For supporting each other, In every difficult situation. For helping each other, Without any humiliation.…

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Loving Enemies

Your enemies are not only those that hate you but also those whose presence or actions set you back, whether or not they love you. Stay away from them or atleast, keep them an arms length. Not every sweet thing … Continue reading

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