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Quotes: Culture, Excellence, Success And Habit

Quotes And Questions Culture, Excellence, Success And Habit “If excellence is your culture, you’ll exude success effortlessly” -Nnamonu Tochukwu. What have you chosen to remain as your habit? Will it take you to where you desire or where you intend … Continue reading


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The Truth About Facts Or The Facts About Truth?

My Philosophies addressed; assumptions, facts and truth. Recently, a question that got me pondering, was aksed; Isn’t a fact something that’s true by definition? In my opinion, facts are temporarily true, or appear to be true, even if they are … Continue reading

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Wasted Thought

Why think without evaluating? Why dream without pursuing? Why have visualization without realization? Why habour imagination without implementation? If thoughts are the seeds that grow reality, why waste them? If dreams form the world of eternity, try taste them! If … Continue reading

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